Ghostly Occurrences in Apartment 42: Part VIII

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Early on the morning on the 17th of July, I was still reeling from the previous night’s events and what I had found on the video that I had recorded throughout; the day had been relatively quiet, but that wasn’t to last.

That night I was sat watching a DVD in my bedroom when I started to hear banging and shuffling on the other side of the door in the hallway, so I decided to start recording again.

There was a strange feeling in the air that was hard to describe. I’d had these types of things happening before, but it didn’t feel off, but this time it did. Earlier in the night (the previous video), things had felt odd and heavy, but that was usually the case when it felt like something was messing with me.

Eventually, I got fed up with hearing noises – and felt a bit braver – I opened the door and looked into the hallway. As I opened the door, I saw a shadow stood behind the front door. Unfortunately, this wasn’t caught in the video. But by now, I was starting to get freaked out. Every time I moved my camera, the noise would be in another room. It was as if it was moving around but not wanting to be seen.

Later on, when I went through the video, the camera is breaking up in its usual way as all this is going on.

As I’m stood in the hallway – mainly in the bedroom doorway – looking around, I turn, and the spare room door has closed. In the video, I try to prove – as much to myself as anyone else – that I couldn’t have done it. I can’t reach the door from where I’m standing, and I’ve not moved anywhere near it to have knocked it. This only happens when I turn the light on my phone off, and everything gets much darker. When I open the door again, I feel a cold breeze, almost as if something passes right through me. I can also feel a cold spot that seems to have shape and distinct edges right in the doorway to the spare room.

Whenever I look at the front door – where I had seen the shape a few minutes before – everything looks darker.

All this time, I’m getting more and more freaked out.

I decided to have a wander around the flat to see if I could feel or sense anything elsewhere. As I move, I feel like I’m being followed, and I can hear soft footsteps on the carpet. Whenever I go back to the spare room doorway, I can feel the cold spot. I try my best to explain where the cold could be coming from. I climb up on my windowsill to check the vent above the window and can’t feel anything. When I go back to check the spot in the doorway, it’s gone.

I stand back in my bedroom doorway as I talked about what was going on when I feel something poke me in the shoulder. It felt as if someone had jabbed a couple of fingers sharply into my shoulder. I turn around instantly and see nothing there.

As I’m getting more and more freaked out, I decided to go back and climb into bed again. When I do, everything seems to go quiet again.

On this night, a lot of things that had never happened had happened. So it all felt very intense.

With the door to the bedroom now shut, I feel again as I’m being watched, and as I pan the camera around, I see a shadow stood in the corner of the room.

I feel like whatever this is isn’t going to let me sleep. So I decide to upload this video, like the other one, straight to YouTube. But, for some reason, when I do, I have to split it in two.

I decide to watch some more TV as I don’t feel like trying to sleep just yet.

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