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I started writing a few years ago. Initially, it was a means to get a story that was in my head down on paper. I quickly found that I enjoyed the process of writing and creating a world. It also helped me cope with some of the ups and downs involved in my bipolar.

My debut book, Creatures, set in a post-apocalyptic Britain, where a lab accident caused the creation of mutated rats that survivors must now battle against, was released in July 2018. I just wanted to see if anyone would enjoy the story I was telling. The book has done relatively well, that as well as the feeling I get when I write has spurred me on to write more stories.

I hope that people continue to enjoy my writing, and I’m hoping that this page and the subsequent blogs will help me reach more of the community.

The blogs won’t necessarily always be about writing, they may be about games – as I’m an avid gamer, and mental health issues. I’ll try to stick to the schedule below, but there may be some deviations occasionally.

Monday: Writing update, where I’m up to with projects, and how I write, what I think about writing etc

Wednesday: Gaming, I’ll be doing reviews or retrospectives on gaming throughout my life.

Friday: Mental Health, these will be posts about how I live with bipolar, thoughts on how to deal with different situations, and general chat about it to get things out there. They will also be about life in general and anything else that may pop into my head.

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