Creatures Series

Book I: Creatures

Released: 25th June 2018

Genre: Sci-fi, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic

Stanley Figgis was a simple man and lived a simple life, he had a daily routine that he followed to a T. Little did Stanley know that his work at Viruson Technologies, creating a vaccine for a newly discovered virus would have such an impact on himself and the rest of the world.

Ten years on, Matt lives in Stanley’s home town of Highfield, UK. Life is hard. Mutated Creatures have begun to appear and terrorise the world and its inhabitants. It’s now up to Matt, his friend Sarah, and Ben, the baddest guy in town, to put an end to the Creatures and to find out what really happened to Stanley Figgis.

Book II: Back to School

Released: 25th June 2022

Genre: Sci-fi, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic

When the creatures came, Fulki and Sandy were enjoying university life. Now, thrust into a post-apocalyptic landscape, they need to use their engineering skills to protect those they hold dear at the private school they now call home. When the tyrannical leader tightens his hold on the survivors, they need to find someone who will come to their aid.

Sarah and Matt have no time to relax as not long after they’ve returned from the underground laboratories, Highfield is assaulted by the flying mutant beasts they call dragons. Now it’s up to them to save their town. But when they receive word that another settlement needs their help, they are pulled in different directions; who do they protect?

New challenges and new enemies await familiar and new characters in Back to School. The story follows directly on from Creatures with no break in the action