Ghostly Occurrences in Apartment 42: Part VI

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Over the space of a few months, I’d experienced a myriad of different paranormal things – from doors opening and closing to shadows in corners and odd feelings. Up until this point, I’d only been recording things while I was in the flat. It was time, though now, for a different tact’ recording while I was out to see if anything more extreme would happen.

On the 8th July 2012, I was going out in the evening, so I decided to set my camera up in the spare room to see what I could capture.

Before I set up the camera and went out, I talked on video about things that people had asked, mainly if there was some kind of breeze from a window that could have caused the closure of the doors seen in the other video. I tried my best to test everything I could, and I explained in the video that there wasn’t a chance that there was any kind of breeze coming through a window or vent above that would move the door in the way that had been seen.

At first, I was a little hesitant about setting the camera up and leaving it running while I was out. I didn’t want to provoke anything that might be in the apartment, but at the same time, I wanted to get more evidence that something was actually happening.

I set the camera down on the arm of the sofa that I had in the spare room at the time and pointed it at the door so that it would cover my bedroom door and a section of the hallway. I wished I’d had multiple cameras at this point so that I could capture more of the apartment at the same time; I just did the best with what I had.

As was usual practice by this point, I left all the doors – except the bathroom one – open. It had become a regular occurrence that the doors would be either open or closed when I returned, depending on how I’d left them. I locked up and left the flat with the camera running.

All the time that I was out, I couldn’t help but wonder what was happening. Would I catch anything on camera? Would something new happen?

When I returned later that night, the doors were all shut, so straight away, I knew that I’d caught something. I couldn’t wait to check the video. I went straight to the video camera – at this point, it was still recording as I’d only been out a few hours. I could have waited until the morning to review the tape, but I was eager to find out what had happened.

I pulled the memory card out of the camera, loaded it into my desktop and started to copy the files over, ready to review. While this was doing, I went to make a drink – I had a feeling it was going to be a long night. As I walked through the rest of the apartment, I marvelled at how everything felt “normal”. As I’ve said before, usually, when things had happened, the place felt different in some way. Maybe that feeling had been there but had disappeared by the time I got home.

Back at my desk, I started to review the video. While I watched, I had my headphones on with the volume whacked way up in case there were any sounds to be heard.

Nothing much happened for a while. After around twenty minutes of video, the door to the spare room started to move. It didn’t fully close; it was only a few inches and, after a few seconds, it moved backwards again. After this movement, the camera image broke up slightly. This was something that seemed to happen only when something strange was happening. The spare room door moved again, and there was a “breathy” noise. I didn’t have a chance to really register this noise at the time because seconds later, the door to my bedroom slammed shut, the noise making me nearly jump out of my seat.

I paused the video and sat for a few minutes, just taking in what I’d just seen. My bedroom door had just been caught slamming on video. This was big. I leaned back in my chair and looked at the door that was now open again after I had reopened it when I came back home. I slipped my headphones off and listened to the building; everything was quiet. It was around 10 pm, so I wasn’t expecting much noise, but it just seemed eerily quiet. I put my headphones back on and went back to the video.

I moved the video back and listened out for the “breathy” sound once again, and when I found it, I listened to it repeatedly, trying to figure out what it was. All I could come up with was that it was a single word – “No”.

I went back to the door slamming – turning the volume down so as to not deafen myself – I played it again. I found that right after the door slammed, and there was yet more distortion on the video for a few seconds. After another 15 seconds or so, the spare room once again moves. This time seemingly with more force as it almost closed, but it swings back on its hinges almost immediately.  After another few seconds of the door being open, it swings shut again, but this time catches and remains seated in the doorframe.

After this, I continued to watch and turned my volume back up. I was surprised to hear what sounded like footsteps shuffling on the carpet and some more breathing sounds. It was subtle even with the volume turned right up, but they were definitely there.

I felt like everything that had happened in this video was more proof of what was going on than I could have hoped for. I spent the next few days going through the video again and seeing if there was anything in there that I had missed before I edited it together (cut it down to a better size) before uploading it to the YouTube channel.

Below is the link for this video. Give it a watch yourself and tell me what you think. Can you hear or see anything that I might have missed? What do you think of what I caught that day?

Caught on Video (8/6/12)

The story will continue next Monday.

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