Ghostly Occurrences in Apartment 42: Part IX

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The next few days were relatively quiet, but things escalated and started to happen more frequently. As I’d been seeing more shadows and shapes near the front door at any time of day, I decided to set up my camera in the main bedroom and point it at the door while I busied myself elsewhere and had a shower.

There wasn’t much to be seen or heard on this video for some time, but around 3 minutes 50 seconds into it, there is a whooshing noise that sounds to me either like “Gareth” or “get out”. The other odd thing about this video is that at the exact time the noise occurs, the hall light (the light in the communal hallway outside my front door, goes on. This light was movement activated, and there was no noise from outside of people moving around that could have caused it to come on. I find it very odd that it comes on at the exact moment that “something” speaks.

For the remainder of that night, nothing much happened, and when I watched the video back, I didn’t feel particularly scared of what was being said; I just found it weird and very interesting.

For the next few days, things were relatively quiet. Although I’d see shadows in the usual places, there wasn’t much in the way of interaction, i.e. doors moving, knocking or anything of the like. But on the 25th of July, I caught something very odd.

It was the evening, and I was sitting in the lounge watching some TV when a loud and constant banging came from nowhere. I sat for a few moments trying to work out where it was coming from. I’d grown accustomed to the noises that came from the other flats that surrounded me, and this one seemed as though it was coming from inside my flat. After a while of sitting and listening, I decided it would be a good idea to start recording.

Still sitting in the lounge, I started my camera up and tried to explain what had been happening. I wasn’t in a great mood on this particular night, so I decided to tell whatever this was to leave me alone and stop doing what it was doing. Almost as soon as I’d finished talking, a rattle came from behind me (around 1 minute 47 seconds into the video) that sounded like pots or cutlery rattling. This unexpected noise understandably startled me, and I turned to face the camera into the kitchen. There was nothing that could have made the noise, but the other tapping noise had stopped.

After this, I end the recording, and the rest of the night is quiet, and I don’t experience anything else out of the ordinary.

Both the videos of these experiences are below. So have a watch and let me know what you think. Especially if your think you hear or see anything that I haven’t mentioned.

Recorded 19/07/12

Recorded 25/07/12

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