Ghostly Occurrences in Apartment 42: Part XI

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Things calmed down a little bit after the events of the previous video. It was autumn, and the nights were drawing in when the next strange occurrences were noticed.

For a few days, I’d had more sightings of the shadow that hung around at the front door.

One night I’d had some friends around for drinks – one of them being Mark, the friend who had seen something in the spare room. It got quite late, and some went home. Mark decided to stay, but he said that he wouldn’t sleep in the spare bedroom; he’d sleep on the floor in the lounge instead. I had no problem with this, so I grabbed the duvet and some pillows, gave them to Mark and said goodnight.

The night went without incident; well, for me it did at least.

When I woke up and went into the lounge, I walked in to see Mark sat on one of the sofas. He told me he hadn’t had much sleep because of something that had happened in the night. I asked him what went on, and he explained that he woke up after feeling something tug on his leg. When he opened his eyes, he was met by the face of what looked like a person right over him. He told me that he could feel the breath that it was expelling on his face. After that, he had been too scared to sleep, so he had sat on the sofa until the sun came up and the weird feeling he had went away.

I was taken back by his story, especially since, as far as I knew, nothing had happened. I could see that he was visibly frightened of whatever this thing was. We talked for a bit longer about it until he decided he had to leave. He never stayed overnight in the apartment again.

This incident seemed to be just the start of another round of strange occurrences. I would often see shadows, hear banging and clattering coming from the kitchen, and have the shower curtain punched inward while I was having a shower.

I’d been setting my camera up in various locations around the flat in hopes of catching some of it on tape.

However, the next things that I would catch would go beyond anything that I thought I would.

On the 19th of September 2012, I set the camera up on the arm of the sofa overnight and left it recording. When I went through the footage, I found several things that made my hair stand on end.

The first was a couple of hours into the night when the words that to me sounded like either “Gareth” or “get out” were said. Then, a little later, the word “Gareth” was repeated a little more clearly.

Then after around another half an hour or so of footage, when I was starting to think there would be nothing else, there was a long drawn out noise that I couldn’t figure out, followed by a crack.

It was only when Alex and I recently rewatched this video that we figured out what the long drawn out noise sounds like – a death rattle. This is the noise that a dying person makes with their final breaths. We watched videos on death rattles, and the noise is so similar we don’t know what else it could be.

So I had caught my name being said and the sound of a dying breath all in the same night. I didn’t know what to make of any of this at the time, so I continued to film and try to catch things on camera.

The next few months were fairly quiet, but when it came to November, I recorded what would be my last video.

The videos discussed in this blog can be found on the Gax’s Ghost YouTube channel and by following the links below;

Night Recording 19/9/12 (1/3)

Night Recording 19/9/12 (2/3)

Night Recording 19/9/12 (3/3)

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