Ghostly Occurrences in Apartment 42: Part XII

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After an uneventful couple of months, things started to happen again. As always, it seemed worse in winter. Then, when November rolled around, strange things would happen daily. I would see shadows moving around the apartment, behind the shower curtain, knocking on walls and doors, rattling in the kitchen and unexplainable cold spots.

One night in late November, things started to really kick-off. The spare room, in particular, appeared to be the centre of things.

In the evening, I was having a shower when the taps at the sink came on full blast, spraying water everywhere. I turned them off and resumed my shower; after half a minute or so, something punched the shower curtain in, making me jump.

With things happening regularly, I decided to start recording in the spare room. I set up my camera on the arm of the sofa while I lay on the bed. I sat mostly in the dark, but I left the hall light on, so I had some light for the video camera.

When I was set up, I sat there for some time, asking for whatever was there and doing these things to do something for me now while I was recording.

Things seemed to go quiet, and there was a heavy feeling in the air that I couldn’t explain. It was tense and could feel something in the apartment with me. It was like someone was constantly watching me. Something trying to work out what to do.

I sat in silence for some time. Then, after around six and a half minutes, I felt a sharp pain in my side. It was as if something jabbed me hard in the side, but it also felt like an electric shock. When I looked at the area that I had felt the pain, I saw that I’d been scratched by something. Shocked, I recorded as the marks became more pronounced and blood started to rise to the surface.

Now feeling terrified, I quickly leave the room to take a look at what had just been done. The room felt off, it was a strange feeling, but I knew I had to get out.

As I looked at the scratches, I started to see more of them. The whole experience was enough to freak me out and make me feel like I could no longer film what was happening.

When I went through the video footage, I noticed several more things that the video had picked up that I hadn’t noticed at the time.

For starters, while I’m talking at the start of the video, a voice comes out of nowhere saying either “no” or “go” I wasn’t able to discern which.

A few seconds later, when I’m talking about the taps turning themselves on, I hear what sounds like the words “shut up” as well as the usual distortion of the video.

The next thing is something that will stay with me; at the point of the video where I hell out when I feel something hit me, there is a laugh. Not just any laugh, but an evil sort of chuckle. Like whatever did that to me, was really amused by it.

Finally, when I’m out of the spare room and examining the marks, I place the camera on the other side of me. What I didn’t notice at the time, is that there were two scratches on the other side of my stomach, which I didn’t feel. These also look fresh and like they are bleeding.

The entire experience of that night felt different from previous ones. This one felt like whatever this was, was getting fed up with me filming and so had to do something so that I would stop. Well, it got its wish. So after that night, no matter what happened, I never recorded anything again.

For a while, things seemed to quieten down, and I had only the odd experience.

Next week will be the final post in this series and I will talk about some of the other things that happened when other people were there and the things that happened just before (and after) we moved out.

Below are the videos discussed in this post, take a look and let me know what you think;

Well frig! (Recording 26/11/12)

A Laugh? (26/11/12)

Another Noise (26/11/12)

13 thoughts on “Ghostly Occurrences in Apartment 42: Part XII

  1. Oh, my word! This is insane. I’ve just read all the other posts. How did you live there for so long with all that happening? I’d have been right out of there.


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