Ghostly Occurrences in Apartment 42: Part X

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It had been an interesting few weeks, and whatever was in the flat hadn’t finished yet.

I continued to record whenever anything strange occurred, but I didn’t manage to catch anything of note until the 1st of August.

On a particularly active day, I thought it would be a good idea to set the video camera up and record through the night. So, before going to bed, I positioned the camera on a bookcase in my living room and left it running.

During the night, I didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary. Still, the next day when I went over the footage that had been recorded, I found some fascinating occurrences.

Firstly, at around the 40-second mark, the living room door begins to move; to make matters worse, there was an eery creak as it opened. After that, it goes back and forth for a few seconds before stopping around the 50-second mark.

Nothing much happened for a while, but then at around 1 minute 25 seconds, I heard some shuffling and what sounded like footsteps moving across the carpeted floor. The noise was something I was used to as whenever anyone walked across the floor, it would make precisely the same noise.

Then something totally unexpected happened. At 1 minute 52 seconds, the camera itself is moved by an unseen hand. Whatever it is pushed, the camera and it can be heard scraping on the wooden bookshelf where it sat. There were maybe 4 or 5 of these little pushes until the camera pointed at the kitchen, and there were more shuffling footsteps.

At 2 minutes 28, something is rattled in the kitchen in a similar manner as had happened before. It sounded like pots or cutlery being jostled. To me, it felt like the camera was moved to point at the area where something was about to happen, and as I watched, it sent chills through me.

After another couple of seconds, something else is rattled, and then a little bit after this, I could hear yet more shuffling around.

This was probably the most activity that I’d caught on camera throughout my filming, and it wasn’t over yet.

3 minutes and 28 seconds into the recording, there was another rattle of pots/cutlery. After that, there was more shuffling, and then a few seconds later, the same camera distortion as I’d seen previously happened.

As I’ve mentioned before, the distortion only seemed to happen when strange things were going on. It seemed to happen too often for it to be a coincidence, and I never saw it happen on footage where nothing happened.

Nearly a minute later, there was even more ratline from the kitchen.

For the rest of the video, I could hear shuffling around. It was difficult to discern where it was coming from; it just seemed like someone was maybe pacing around the living room and occasionally going over into the kitchen.

When I got up in the morning, I hadn’t realised that the camera had moved, it was still running so I left it going while I left for work.

When I got back, I went through the video and watched/listened to what I’d caught. I separated the video into two parts for the different days it was captured and then went through what little it had recorded during the morning.

Around 6 seconds into this video, something speaks. After a few times of listening to it, I concluded that the words being said were “I’m here.” Other people who have heard it say it could be, “I am here” or “what’re you doing.” Either way, any of these sounds and the fact that the camera was moved point to something that wants to interact with me and the video camera.

I was all set for recording every day after this, but nothing happened. Not until the 19th of September.

I’ll pick this back up in next Monday’s post.

The videos discussed in this post are below;

Caught on video 01/08/12 PM

Caught on video 02/08/12 AM

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