Ghostly Occurrences in Apartment 42: Part XIII

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In last week’s post, I finished going through the YouTube videos and all that I experienced whilst recording them. I also talked about why I stopped filming. This doesn’t mean that things stopped happening however.

I would see and hear things around the flat daily, but because of being scratched and fearing for what else this unknown entity could do, I no longer wanted to film anything.

Several visitors to the apartment would also experience things from shadows and noises to cold spots as time went on. But there wasn’t anything that felt as bad as that night did.

This would change, however, when Alex moved in with me.

I didn’t wait long before I showed her the videos and explained everything that had been happening. She freely admitted that although she didn’t think I had any reason to make it up, she didn’t necessarily believe me, that is until things started to happen to her.

It wasn’t long before she started to see shadows similar to the ones I’d seen – in the corner of rooms and at the front door.

In summer – a few months after she’d moved in – she was going for a late-night cigarette at the Juliet balcony. When she came back into the bedroom, she asked if I had just been out and stood in the doorway. I told her I hadn’t moved, and she explained what had happened. While she was stood at the doors, she heard footsteps on the carpet behind her and saw someone stood in the doorway. She said that it felt like someone was watching her. It was like I had come out of the bedroom, stood at the door to the lounge for a few seconds and then went back to bed. The feeling that she had lined up with the way that I had felt on numerous occasions. This was just the start of things.

In the night, we both started to see a shadow in the bedroom just behind the door. It wasn’t just a shadow; it looked like it had some substance. When a car would pull into the car park that was behind the flat, headlights would shine into the room, but they wouldn’t light up the shape. It was as if the blackness just absorbed the light. This shape would appear nightly and would move to the front door if we left the bedroom to go to the bathroom. Over the following weeks, this shadow would move closer to the bed and eventually would be stood by the bookcase right at the end of the bed. This closeness left us with a feeling of being watched by something intrusive.

One night when we were both asleep, I awoke to the sound of Alex shouting. I was pretty out of it after taking my meds, but I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that she had woken up to seeing something over me. When she described it, she said it was a person with white eyes and their mouth hanging open – she kept repeating white eyes. I didn’t feel anything, and I couldn’t wake myself up, so I ended up going back to sleep. The next day she told me all about what she had seen. She explained that it was a person that she could still picture. It was hovering above me with its mouth wide open and had bright white eyes. She said that when she saw it, her fight or flight had kicked in and she was ready to fend off a person in our flat. When she had shouted out, she said that the thing turned its head to look directly at her and then slowly retreated down the bed and faded away into the darkness of the room. To this day, she can still picture the thing that was over me. I wish I had been more awake or that I had seen it too. I’d never had anything so clear. The only person who had seen an actual face was my friend Mark.

This night left an impression on Alex, and she started to experience a lot more strange occurrences. Like me, she would be in the bathroom having a shower and would see shadows on the other side of the curtain. One time she heard a hard banging on the bathroom door; thinking I was back from work, she called out to me, but there was no answer. The front door was locked, so no one could have got in.

By now, I wasn’t really experiencing all that much. I would occasionally see the shadow behind the front door if I got up in the night or the shape at the end of the bed, but nothing to the scale of what I had previously had.

We both were now of the impression that since the night she had seen the thing over me, that whatever this was now knew that she was there and had started to lock more onto her.

The next thing that would happen would freak Alex out to the point where she nearly left the flat.

One wintery evening, when she had got back from work, Alex was sat on the bed reading her phone in the dark, when she saw something move at the end of the bed. When she went to investigate, she saw that one of our giant microbes had moved off the bookcase. It was on the lower shelf and couldn’t have just rolled off. She had seen it enter her eye line before it fell to the floor. When she looked at the corner of the room, she could see the shape blocking the doorway – by this point, an oppressive feeling was emanating from it. Using her foot, she lifted the microbe back up onto the shelf. She quickly put the torch on her phone and made a dash for the door, and ran to the lounge, putting lights on as she went. She then called me. I was at work but was coming to the end of the day. I could hear the fear in her voice, so I left work without a second thought and made my way home. On my journey, we spoke on the phone, and by the time I got home, I half expected her to be sat in the car park. But when I got back, she was seated in the lounge.

When things like this had happened before, I could feel it when I entered the flat, but this time everything felt normal. I said hello to Alex and quickly went into the bedroom. When I turned the light on, the microbe was back on the floor and was now a few feet away from the bookshelf. I called Alex and asked about it, and that’s when she told me about putting it back. I picked I up and put it back on the shelf again. I could see that Alex was visibly shaken by what had happened. It certainly felt like it knew she was here now. This being said, things seemed to quieten down for a bit, with only the usual shadows being seen.

A few months later, we were having a drunken music night in the lounge after spending the day packing, ready for our imminent move. The night was foggy, and still, there wasn’t even the sound of cars outside. It had gotten quite late, and I went to the bathroom while Alex had a cigarette at the patio doors. When I left the room and passed the spare room, I heard a rustling noise coming from the centre of the room where we had stacks of boxes. Paying this no mind, I went into the bathroom. A few seconds later, there was an almighty noise. I thought that someone in the flat upstairs had slammed a door. When I came out of the bathroom, it was dark. It was then that I noticed that the door to the lounge was shut. I opened it up and saw Alex stood at the balcony. When I asked what happened, she told me that the door had just slammed. Now, when I left the room, I had opened the door wide and left it that way. There was no reason that we could see why the door slammed with such force. There was no breeze outside as it was foggy, and neither of us was near it. I remembered the noise from the spare room. It was as if something had seen us split up and wanted to keep us separate. I went to the spare room and closed the door. After that, we were on edge, and it felt like something was there with us.

A few nights later, we were watching a film in bed when we heard some pots rattle in the kitchen. We sat for a moment, stunned by the noise before we went to investigate. We couldn’t see anything out of place, but we sat for a bit and talked. Then, as we were in the lounge, I saw a bright white light seemingly pass through the hallway. I turned to Alex to ask her about it, but I knew that she’d seen the same thing I had without her saying anything. When we saw this, we didn’t get the oppressive feeling we’d had before, though.

As I said, we were in the middle of packing boxes ready for our move. Years earlier, I had bought some magnetic words and letters for the fridge – the kind that you can make poems and sentences with. We had taken all these off the fridge, put them in a sandwich bag and put that in a box. One day we were making food in the kitchen. We had been to and from the fridge multiple times. At one point, I went to get a drink and saw that right in the middle of the fridge door was one of the magnetic words. It was an ‘a’. I asked Alex about it, and she said she hadn’t noticed it either. We spent a while trying to work out where it had come from. It can’t have been left there, and it can’t have been dropped on the floor and somehow stuck itself back up there. It was dead centre on the top door of the fridge – we couldn’t explain it. But it felt like it was a message. That whatever this was knew Alex was here and had turned its attention to her.

On our last night in the apartment, we had packed everything up and to make things easier for moving in the morning; we had dismantled the bed. The mattress was heavy, so we dropped it on the floor, and instead of moving it to someplace different, we slept on it where it was. At some point during the night, Alex told me that she woke up to feel that the duvet was no longer covering one of her legs and something about it felt weird. She didn’t pay much attention to this, though and soon went back to sleep. It was a long day the next day, and by the time we had moved all of our belonging over to our new house, we were shattered and in need of a shower. I had mine first, and then Alex had hers. When she did, she shouted to me and told me to come and look at something. During her shower, she had noticed something on the inside of her thigh. When I looked at it, it looked like a handprint, and when I matched my hand up to it, you could see the fingers and palm prints. We had no idea how this could have happened. It was in an awkward place, and for a hand to leave that kind of bruise, it would have had to have hit it with some force. A chill went through us both. This felt like a parting gift from whatever lived with us in Apartment 42.

This ends the strange occurrences that happened to myself and others in Apartment 42. However, because of all that happened, we have since thought of contacting the current occupiers to ask if they’ve had anything like this happen. We haven’t done this so far.

For me, it’s a comfort to know that friends, family and other tenants in the same building experienced things. But it doesn’t explain what went on. And to this day, I’m still not sure what to make of it all.

What are your thoughts on my experiences?

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