Another Friday Rolls Around

Damn, it’s been a hectic week.

I was at physio on Monday. It’s going quite well, and the physiotherapist is happy with my progress. However, he decided that the exercises that he had given me were now too easy, so he’s given me some harder ones and holy hell, are they harder. I struggle to do as many reps, but I can already feel them doing something. I’m hoping that this change means that I will soon no longer have to go to physio and that I will soon get my appointment to see the consultant and finally discuss surgery. Although the physio has helped me be more mobile, I’m still relying heavily on prescription painkillers, and I’d rather not have to take them for much longer. But I guess we’ll see.

Tuesday, I went over to my mum’s and spent the day with her, helping her to do some jobs around the house. Even though I’m not great at the minute, I still like to help her where I can. She’s not getting any younger, and I don’t like her struggling with things that I can do easily. It’s hard to think that my mum will be 70 next year. My brother and sister are useless, so I have to be the one that is there for her. I’m youngest; I should be the one that had disappeared into the ether. But yet, I’m the one holding the bag. I could rant all day about it, but I’ll leave it there.

Wednesday was spent doing the shopping and tidying up the house. I try to do as much as I can around the house, but I still hit a limit to what I can do much quicker at the moment than I ordinarily would do. The rest of the day, I spent playing Watch Dogs Legion.

Thursday, I spent writing this weeks blog – including this one. I don’t know what I did after that because I’ve not done it yet. I’ll probably play some more games that are review fodder, but I’ve not decided yet.

I’m hoping Friday will be a more relaxed day. But I’m not saying that too loud because if I do, something will happen to spoil it.

I’m still struggling some with my mental health, but the new medication is working, and I do feel a little better than I have been feeling over recent months. I know that this is all part of being bipolar, but it doesn’t make the ups and downs any easier to deal with. The medication can only do so much, and I still have to do a lot of work myself, but I’m getting there slowly.

I’m hoping that tomorrow I will be able to do some more streaming over on Twitch. Last Saturday, I did an epic run where I faced so truly odd enemies, but I kicked their ass to survive another day. I’ll stream around the same time (8 pm GMT), so if you’re free, why not join me.

That’s it for now. Have a good weekend!

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