Slasher Horror Returns: The Quarry (Review)

The Quarry is an interactive horror game released on the 10th of June 2022 for Windows, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox one/Series X/S.

In the game, you take control of a series of characters who are counsellors at a summer camp as they try to survive their last night at Hackett’s Quarry. They are faced with supernatural creatures and crazed, violent locals. Throughout the game, you make numerous choices that impact character development and relationships, along with the plot and, ultimately, it’s ending. Depending on your choices, each of the characters can survive the night or die.

The Quarry is a spiritual successor to Until Dawn and is inspired by teen slasher movies like Friday the 13th. The game features a large cast that includes big names like Brenda Song, Ted Raimi, David, Arquette and Lance Henriksen.

I enjoy games where your choices have an impact on the characters and story. So games such as Until Dawn, Heavy Rain, and the Telltale games are generally a safe bet for ones I will enjoy. I was drawn to The Quarry straight away for its play style, plot and theme, as well as its excellent cast, so I was looking forward to getting stuck into it. The game starts as you control two characters on their way to the titular summer camp to spend the season as counsellors. As usual, it’s at night, and something forces them off the road. From the get-go, there is a creepy feeling to the setting, and when things start to flash up in your periphery, you begin to get an idea of what to expect through the rest of the game. Most of the game relies on quick-time events when action is taking place, but there are also times where you directly control the characters in a more free roam type way, allowing you to investigate the environment and find collectables and key items that move the plot forward.

The graphics are great, and the lighting and ambience really set the game up for a creepy playthrough, although, at times, it can be difficult to see what’s going on due to the darkness of certain scenes.

The characters are interesting despite most of them being the typical tropes that you see in most slasher movies. However, through your time playing, you begin to feel something for most of them, and there is a genuine want to keep them alive as long as possible. The threat of the enemies feels real and adds that survival horror element to the game. Having to act quickly during the quick time events means that you have to really be paying attention to what’s going on to figure out the best move, as some will have dire consequences.

I like that through your exploration you discover things in the scenes that set up events later in the game. These can include things like ladders, windows or doors that you unlock or register the presence of and make use of during quick-time events later on in the story. If somehow you miss one of these or interact with it incorrectly, this can have repercussions on the characters and story. In your explorations, you can also find tarot cards, which come into play after each chapter as an old woman, a gipsy-like character, explains and shows future events based on the cards you pick up. Again, if you miss any of these, you might miss out on clues on how to react to certain situations. This adds that little bit extra to the game and makes you explore the scenes that little bit more.

I’ve played a lot of games of this ilk, and unfortunately, The Quarry doesn’t really bring anything new to the genre. It has a really interesting story when it gets going, but it’s still one that is pretty similar to games and moves that have come before it. Having said that, I was engrossed in the story from the beginning, and although I was yelling at the screen for characters not to wander off on their own, I found it drew me into the character’s world. Not everything is revealed at the beginning, and like the characters you control, you’re left to figure out what is actually going on at the summer camp.

The cast is excellent, and it’s terrific to see people like Lance Henriksen, David Arquette, and Ted Raimi. But there is something a little bit off about the acting in this game. All the people involved can do so much better. I don’t know if it’s the writing where it falls down or maybe the motion capture animation, but something is just wrong with most of the stilted way that dialogue and acting comes across. I’m not going to lie; it does detract slightly from the horror and suspenseful nature of the game.

One addition to the game I like is the way several tutorials are presented to you. Rather than just having the button presses pop up to the side of the screen, The Quarry has short animations that show and describe how to perform specific actions. For example, one game tactic is to hold your breath while an enemy is close to avoid detection. The animation for this shows a character hiding from an enemy while holding their breath, but also shows what happens when you release it too soon, namely death.

The Quarry has its good points and bad points. However, for me, the good outweighs the bad, and I mostly forgive it as it is trying to be a campy 80s slasher flick after all, and what’s cheesier than that genre of movie? I would recommend this game for lovers of story-driven interactive games like Until Dawn or the Dark Pictures Series, and I give it a solid 8/10.I will return to this game to see what other endings are like.

Revisiting the Creatures Universe: Four Years Later

If you’ve been following along, you should know that the second book in the Creatures series, Back to School, is due for imminent release (25th June 2022, to be exact). It has been four years since I released the first book in the series, and indeed my first book, and it feels like a lifetime ago. Creatures was something that I had to get out of my head, and I decided to publish it on a whim. Little did I know that I would find in writing something that I love doing, and now three (soon to be four) books under my belt, I can’t see me doing anything else.

The writing of Back to School began right after I published the first book. I ended Creatures in a way that if I wanted to, I could continue the story, and I had an idea at the time where I wanted to take it, but I hit a wall with the story and only got a couple of chapters in before I had to stop. As I’ve said before, I didn’t see the point in writing something I wouldn’t be happy with. I moved on to The Next Stage, which would ultimately be my second book. I didn’t even pick Back to School up again until after the release of Blindsighted.

The manuscript for the first book in the series wasn’t perfect, so I decided I would go back through it, sort out any issues and republishꟷone of the joys of self-publishingꟷand this made me want to continue the story and made revisiting the Creatures universe seem like the right thing to do at the time. During my re-editing process, I really enjoyed re-reading the book. I hadn’t read it since its release and had even forgotten some of what happened. I would have ultimately had to end up reading it again anyway to write the sequel, but with the dual purpose of editing at the same time, I killed two birds with one stone.

When I picked Back to School back up (it was still just called Creatures 2 at this point), I finally knew where I wanted to take the story and characters. I had a clear idea of the story that I wanted to tell and how I would do it. Once I started writing it again, I just couldn’t stop. I found that the words just flowed through me and onto the page. I was having such a good time writing the old characters, and being able to create new ones and bring them into the universe was great.

Of course, like in the first book, there are many deaths­ꟷI’m not going to go into them because I don’t want to spoil the storyꟷand there are some particularly gory ones. I found that I’ve been able to flesh out the original characters more and give them a little more personality and growth; I just hope that readers will like what I have done with them. There are many new characters introduced, some major and some minor, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ve done them justice.

Story-wise Back to School follows directly from the first book, and there are many references to the original story throughout, so I would suggest if you’re planning on giving book two a read, then you should read book one firstꟷthere will be a discounted Kindle offer of the first book in the next few days running up to the release of Back to School so keep an eye out for that.

I’ve enjoyed working on Back to School so much that I’ve already started work on the third book in the series. I’m hoping that it won’t take me another four years to release it, but who knows; I could have another idea about one of my many other projects that I decide I have to work on first.

As I said at the top of this post, Back to School is out on 25th June 2022, that’s only five days away, and I’m really excited to get the book out there. Having said that, due to Amazon KDP being a little more on the ball than usual;, the paperback version is available early, so if you head over to the books page on Amazon, you’ll be able to pick up a copy early. You can also preorder the ebook version on Kindle, Kobo, and Google & Apple books.

I’m excited about the release, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what people think of it. I hope that people enjoy revisiting the Creatures universe as much as I did. And like I said, keep an eye out on here and my social media for news about the offers on the first book.

Update + New Book on the Way

It’s been a busy few months, what with university, writing, and other stuff, so as much as I wanted to revive this blog sooner, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write anything worth posting. But now, with the imminent release of the second book in the Creatures series, Back to School, I thought it would be a good time for a catch-up.

I’ve now finished my first year (foundation) of university, and I have to say that I did much better than I expected, save for a few assignments (although I did pass them), I got some decent grades which I’m really pleased with. At times I found the experience a little daunting, and I did have a few very anxious times. I found it hard to start some of my assignments, but once I got going, I was fine. I found the foundation year a useful step before going into my degree proper. It gave me a taste of what to expect and also allowed me to prove to myself that I do have the skills needed to do the degree. I’m now on the summer break, and I’m really looking forward to going back in September.

As far as writing goes, it’s been a bit hectic. I was getting in somewhere I could, before and in between lectures. I didn’t have it in me to write in my spare time at home. I just felt like whatever I wrote wouldn’t be great, and I didn’t see the point in rushing it and hating what I’d written. To begin with, I was doing a lot of work on my paranormal thriller, And Then I Killed Her, and although it was going pretty well for some time, I hit a wall with it and just didn’t know where to take the story. Again I didn’t see the point in writing for it to be nonsense that I’d have to completely overhaul, so I moved on to another project. This project had been in the works for four years, and it was the sequel to Creatures. I’d started writing it as soon as the first book was released, but for one reason or another, I just didn’t carry it on. This time, however, when I picked it back up, I could see what story I wanted to tell, and since finishing uni, I have blasted through the remainder of what I wanted to say.

If you follow me on social media, you’ll probably already know that Creatures 2: Back to School is almost ready for its scheduled release on 25th June 2022, which is exactly four years after the release of Creatures. I’ve done several rounds of edits so far, and I’m now doing my final round by going through the paperback proof. This is my favourite part of the editing process and the part that I feel is most important. As I’ve mentioned before, having a physical copy of my book and going through it with highlighters and post-it notes at the ready allows me to find things that I have missed previously. I don’t understand what the difference is, but I thoroughly recommend doing it with your own books if you’re a fellow writer.

Unlike my other books, I’ve been able to put the Kindle version of Back to School up for pre-order. If you head over to the Amazon page, you can pre-order it so that it will automatically be delivered to your device upon its release. I’ve already quite a few (more than I expected, to be honest) of orders, and it’s great to see people are willing to pre-order my books. Of course, with this comes a little bit of extra pressure. I need to get all my edits for the book done and uploaded before the 21st ready for release. It’s going to be an interesting few days.

I’ve spent this morning doing some background admin for Back to School. You’ll notice on this website that it now has its page next to its predecessor, along with its current links for where to buy it. I’ve added a page on Goodreads so you can add it to your TBR list, as well as being able to link the two books as a series for easier navigation. I have also scheduled a free book promotion for Creatures on the days leading up to the release of Back to School, so if you haven’t read the first book in the series, you can grab a free copy to read before you read the sequel. This is kind of important because the new story follows on directly from the first. I do intend to make this new book available on other platforms (Google & Apple books etc.), but this may have to come at a slightly later date; but I will keep you posted with any updates on this.

Well, I think that’s about it for now; I better get back to editing. Keep an eye out for more updates.

Books I’ve Read This Year (Reviews)

Books, books, books. Books everywhere. They’re on bookshelves, in drawers, on my phone and my Kindle, and yet so far this year, I’ve read nowhere near as many books as I would have liked to from my list. This is because of a few reasons, some being writing my own stuff, gaming and reviewing and now going to University. That being said, since I’ve started uni, I’ve managed to get a few books under my proverbial belt, and in this blog, I will be talking about some of those, and although I’ve had issues with some of them, I would recommend each and every one to you, a fellow reader. The below books, by excellent authors, are ones that you have to check out.

Just as a side note, I’m not used to reviewing books so these are a little short. I’m hoping once I start doing them I can do more detailed ones.

Dear Annabelle by Scout Dawson

Five years before his wife’s death, a grieving widower made a promise to his beloved Annabelle that he would paint the “real” her, to immortalize her image forever. Drowning in grief, he commits to his promise, but the cost of perfection is greater than he could have imagined.

My Review


Dear Annabelle is a gothic tale the likes of Edgar Allan Poe. The imagery created in this macabre short story is exquisite in its excellence. It’s a quick read and one every lover of Gothic horror needs to read.

Nevada Noir by David Arrowsmith

In these three dark and brooding short stories, set in and around the US state of Nevada, a cast of disparate characters struggle with greed and temptation, and the cursed lure of easy money… an old man goes in search of his son in the aftermath of a terrible storm, a couple down on their luck make a life-changing discovery and an ex-cop has one last impossible decision to make

My Review


This trilogy of dark stories are expertly woven into noir tales of greed, struggle and temptation. Each story stands on its own as it follows its respective characters through their struggle, with each one being linked in some way to the others. I read this as part of my kick with short stories, and I wasn’t disappointed. My one minor qualm is that I would love to have seen these characters more and perhaps have a little bit more to each story. But despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed Nevada Noir, and I’d recommend it to any lover of dark, gritty tales.

Early Adopters: Rogue Elements by D.T. Wilby

They thought they were going to save the world…

Maybe someday.

First they need to save themselves.

Over a decade ago, a group of misfits underwent genetic editing under the auspices of scientific research. They thought they could make a difference. They thought they were going to be superheroes, but MiliTech turned them into their own living, breathing weapons.

Outside of their honeymoon period, they are disavowed and relentlessly pursued by their creators. Disparate, they do the best they can to stay one step ahead, stay out of each other’s way and maybe do a little good where they can.

But as MiliTech’s net closes in, these Early Adopters need to make a choice – will they keep on running forever or will they take a stand? Can they work together to free a forgotten hero from a golden age, or will they just make everything worse all over again?

The age of gods and monsters is upon us as the Early Adopters Universe begins in Early Adopters: Rogue Elements – an anthology of nine entangled stories developing into a single explosive narrative. An action packed love letter to science fiction comics and graphic novels.

My Review


A Dark Twist on the Suberhero Genre. Going into this book I’d already read the “Star Crossed” short story that is a part of this collection, and it made me want to read more of this universe.
In this collection, each story is separate compelling read with we’ll crafted characters and environments but at the end they all link togther into an intertwined and tense finale.
Wilby has a firm grasp on his universe and leads you through it with a dark vision.
I look forward to reading more about these characters and settings.

Kerwall Town by S.D.Reed

After two strangers appear in the dilapidated 70s’ town of Kerwall, the lives of every resident change. Members of the community are forced together as the number of bodies and secrets increase with every passing moment. As tensions rise and the inhabitants reach breaking point the question is raised: is it Kerwall’s newcomers draining its inhabitants or are they simply slipping through the cracks which have existed all along. With knowledge as their only tool against the world’s deadliest predator, the hunt for power commences. Kerwall’s hope rests on the shoulders of its youngest residents, forcing them into the depths of the earth, questioning everything they’ve ever known.
Will Kerwall ever be safe, or is the whole town trapped in the grasp of these outsiders?

Warning: DO NOT ENTER ALONE. Drag someone with you and if you are unable make sure to leave with your sanity in tact.

This nod to classic horror will leave you feeling as isolated as every character, constantly checking over your shoulder until the very last pages. Beginning the universe in which Reed’s future novels will take place, Kerwall Town demonstrates the scope of genres which can be expected from him going forward.

My Review


An absolutely riveting read, this book draws you into the town of Kerwall from the very first page in a very Kind-esque manner. The world and characters are so intricately crafted that you believe that you are a guest in the town and are walking it’s streets.
The plot is a slow boil with many a creepy scene that keep you reading.
My one criticism and why I didn’t give this excellent book 5 stars, is that the ending appears and disappears so quickly. The book builds up to a conclusion that doesn’t give the rest of the story justice and, for me, it fell a but flat.
Having said this however I would recommend that you visit Kerwall and enjoy your stay, while you can.

Thank you to all the wonderful authors out there that continue to put their work out there. I know that it’s not easy at times but you persevere despite that. Thank you.

Dead Space: The Most Terrifying Game Ever

Dead Space is a survival horror game that was released in October 2008 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

The game is set on a mining spaceship that is now infested by creatures known as Necromorphs. You take control of Isaac Clarke, an engineer that has to investigate what happened aboard the ship. He not only has to fight the aforementioned Necromorphs but also increasing psychosis. As you explore the ship, environmental noises and music, along with the darkness, serve to disorient you and draw you deeper into the horrific nature of the game. This game throws enemies at you that you can’t outright kill. Instead, you have to dismember their bodies one limb at a time until they stop coming at. When you’ve got multiple enemies coming at you, this serves to increase your anxiety to dangerous levels.

Back in 2008, when Dead Space came out, it was straight on my list. I couldn’t wait to get my teeth into it, but this wasn’t to last.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love horror games, but I’m a wuss when it comes to playing them. As much as I wanted to play this game, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I would dip in and out of it every so often, never able to spend much time playing as the anxiety it would induce was incredible. Time moved on, and I all but forgot about it. When the sequels came out, I wanted to play them, but I saw no point as I hadn’t finished the first one.

Over the years, I managed to collect all three games but still didn’t play them. Recently, however, I’ve been on a kick to finish games that have been on my to-play list for far too long. Many of these games are horror games such as Alien Isolation, Resident Evil VII, and Dead Space.

I was looking for a game to stream when I decided that it would be a good idea to do Dead Space, and I used this as motivation to finally get it finished.

As soon as I started the game again, I remembered why I had so much trouble playing it. To begin with; it’s terrifying.

I don’t know what exactly makes it one of the scariest games I’ve ever played, but I think it’s a combination of enemies that just keep on coming for you, the darkness of space, the near-constant background noise of things running around in the ship and the fact that I’m still a wuss.

After several weeks of streaming – doing a couple of hours at a time – I finally finished Dead Space this weekend, and now that I have, I’m so glad I decided to play it because it’s a fantastic game. Everything about it is so well done.

I’m going to give Dead Space a 9/10. The graphics and effect are excellent. The music and sound are top-notch, and the gameplay makes you want to keep coming back for more despite knowing that it’s not good for you.

Having now finished the first game, there is a part of me that wants to jump straight into the second, but there’s a bigger part of me that just isn’t ready for it just yet.

It has recently been announced that all three games in the series are getting a remaster for the new generation of consoles, and I feel like I really have to finish the original versions before the new ones come out. Will I actually do this? God knows. Will I try? Probably, but I don’t think Dead Space 2 will be the next game I stream. I think I need something a little tamer. But stay tuned.

You can find me streaming over on Twitch using the link below.

My Current WIP: A Teaser

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have seen earlier this week that I revealed a little teaser for my latest WIP. It wasn’t much, but I wanted to show you at least something about what I’m working on.

And Then I Killed Her has been progressing quite well, until this week when I’ve not really been able to do a great deal on it for one reason or another. I’m hoping that this will change next week.

This story is something that came from a #vss365 writing prompt, and straight away, I knew that I had to write a full story. I don’t know if it’ll be a full-length novel or a short story yet; I need to see where it goes first before deciding. Either way, it will likely be the next thing that I publish, and I can’t wait for you to read it.

It’s a paranormal-horror-thriller (if that’s a thing), and in it, we follow Peter Finch, a serial killer whose latest victim just won’t stay dead.

I don’t want to reveal too much of it for now (mainly because I haven’t written it yet), but I’ve wanted to reveal something since I started writing it.

Below is the teaser video, and I hope to reveal more as I go – both on social media and on this website.

I hope I have piqued your interest enough for the moment, though.

Have a good weekend!

Ghostly Occurrences in Apartment 42: Part VIII

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Part IX

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Early on the morning on the 17th of July, I was still reeling from the previous night’s events and what I had found on the video that I had recorded throughout; the day had been relatively quiet, but that wasn’t to last.

That night I was sat watching a DVD in my bedroom when I started to hear banging and shuffling on the other side of the door in the hallway, so I decided to start recording again.

There was a strange feeling in the air that was hard to describe. I’d had these types of things happening before, but it didn’t feel off, but this time it did. Earlier in the night (the previous video), things had felt odd and heavy, but that was usually the case when it felt like something was messing with me.

Eventually, I got fed up with hearing noises – and felt a bit braver – I opened the door and looked into the hallway. As I opened the door, I saw a shadow stood behind the front door. Unfortunately, this wasn’t caught in the video. But by now, I was starting to get freaked out. Every time I moved my camera, the noise would be in another room. It was as if it was moving around but not wanting to be seen.

Later on, when I went through the video, the camera is breaking up in its usual way as all this is going on.

As I’m stood in the hallway – mainly in the bedroom doorway – looking around, I turn, and the spare room door has closed. In the video, I try to prove – as much to myself as anyone else – that I couldn’t have done it. I can’t reach the door from where I’m standing, and I’ve not moved anywhere near it to have knocked it. This only happens when I turn the light on my phone off, and everything gets much darker. When I open the door again, I feel a cold breeze, almost as if something passes right through me. I can also feel a cold spot that seems to have shape and distinct edges right in the doorway to the spare room.

Whenever I look at the front door – where I had seen the shape a few minutes before – everything looks darker.

All this time, I’m getting more and more freaked out.

I decided to have a wander around the flat to see if I could feel or sense anything elsewhere. As I move, I feel like I’m being followed, and I can hear soft footsteps on the carpet. Whenever I go back to the spare room doorway, I can feel the cold spot. I try my best to explain where the cold could be coming from. I climb up on my windowsill to check the vent above the window and can’t feel anything. When I go back to check the spot in the doorway, it’s gone.

I stand back in my bedroom doorway as I talked about what was going on when I feel something poke me in the shoulder. It felt as if someone had jabbed a couple of fingers sharply into my shoulder. I turn around instantly and see nothing there.

As I’m getting more and more freaked out, I decided to go back and climb into bed again. When I do, everything seems to go quiet again.

On this night, a lot of things that had never happened had happened. So it all felt very intense.

With the door to the bedroom now shut, I feel again as I’m being watched, and as I pan the camera around, I see a shadow stood in the corner of the room.

I feel like whatever this is isn’t going to let me sleep. So I decide to upload this video, like the other one, straight to YouTube. But, for some reason, when I do, I have to split it in two.

I decide to watch some more TV as I don’t feel like trying to sleep just yet.

Check out the videos on the links below:

Recorded 17/7/12 AM (Part 1)

Recorded 17/7/12 AM (Part 2)

Ghostly Occurrences in Apartment 42: Part VII

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Over the course of the next few days, I continued to record as and when things happened, but I was unable to find anything of note on the videos when I went through them. It was around a week before something happened that I had proof of. On the 18th of July, I got caught something stranger than I had before.

I’d been sat watching TV in the evening when I started to hear a consistent banging. This was going on for several minutes when I decided to grab my camera and begin to film. The banging, or thudding, didn’t seem to be coming from anywhere in particular. I sat for a while on the sofa while talking about what I’d been experiencing and listened to the noise.

Rewind a little bit to earlier that day. I’d experienced a few things throughout the day. I’d seen a shadow stood by the front door when I’d come out of the bathroom at one point. While I’d been watching TV, there had also been a shadow in the corner of the room, like someone was silently watching me.

While I filmed, the noise continued, and I decided to get up and walk around the flat to see if I could figure out where it was coming from. As I moved around, the noise seemed to come from all over the place. No matter where I went, the noise didn’t change in level or how it was occurring. I spent some time standing in the hallway and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

After another few minutes, I walked into the spare room, and the banging stopped as if something just wanted me to go in there.

At one point while I’m filming, I walked out of the spare room, across the hallway and to the lounge. Something made me turn around – I heard a shuffling noise – and I see the spare room door swinging open. Something had caused the door to swing closed behind me. It hadn’t caught, so it was swinging slowly open again.

Everything in the flat seems to go quiet as it had done before, and a heavy feeling seem to fall on me. Then, after a few seconds of investigating the door, I heard a bang coming from the main bedroom – my bedroom. I turned to see what it was, but I couldn’t work it out.

I start to feel like something is messing me. Like whatever this is is leading me around the flat and getting me to go where it wants to. I found out later on that when I mention this, there is distortion on the video, the same that there had been previously when things had been happening.

By this point, I’m walking around the flat in the dark, and the strange feeling is only increasing in intensity.

Around eight minutes into recording, I hear a noise in the kitchen – it sounds like my pot of cutlery is moved and rattles. Something makes me turn back to the spare room, and the camera starts to go in and out of focus on the corner where I have sensed things previously.

I continued to record in the dark while things continued to lead me around the flat, and I struggle to figure out what’s happening.

Once again, the banging starts up again in a similar pattern to before, and it still feels like it’s coming from all around.

With everything that’s happening, I decided to stop filming and see if things calmed down. Instead of going through this video at the time, I uploaded it straight to YouTube.

Things in the flat seemed to be escalating, and I didn’t really know what to do with that other than to keep trying to gather evidence and work out what was going on.

Later on when I did finally watch the video though. As I go through it, I’m amazed at everything that I see and hear happening, even though I’d just experienced it in real-time. I was so happy that I’d caught as much as I had, but I hadn’t finished yet.

Around eleven and a half minutes into the video, I hear a sound. I increased the volume as much as I could and put on my headphones so that I could get a clearer listen to what it was. After repeated listens, I decide that I can hear the word “us”. This sent a chill through me. Did it mean that there was more than one of whatever was in the flat? Or was it just another way to mess with me?

After the word, I can hear a wooshing noise and some sort of click or snap, which I can’t really work out.

About a minute after the spoken word, the banging starts again, and the video ends. I sat back, amazed at all that I had caught in such a short space of time.

The banging continued for probably another half an hour or so before stopping and ending for the night.

Later that night, early in the next morning, I would record again.

To be continued next week.

You can find the video talk about in this post here. Let me know your thoughts.

Ghostly Occurrences in Apartment 42: Part VI

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Part IX

Part X

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Over the space of a few months, I’d experienced a myriad of different paranormal things – from doors opening and closing to shadows in corners and odd feelings. Up until this point, I’d only been recording things while I was in the flat. It was time, though now, for a different tact’ recording while I was out to see if anything more extreme would happen.

On the 8th July 2012, I was going out in the evening, so I decided to set my camera up in the spare room to see what I could capture.

Before I set up the camera and went out, I talked on video about things that people had asked, mainly if there was some kind of breeze from a window that could have caused the closure of the doors seen in the other video. I tried my best to test everything I could, and I explained in the video that there wasn’t a chance that there was any kind of breeze coming through a window or vent above that would move the door in the way that had been seen.

At first, I was a little hesitant about setting the camera up and leaving it running while I was out. I didn’t want to provoke anything that might be in the apartment, but at the same time, I wanted to get more evidence that something was actually happening.

I set the camera down on the arm of the sofa that I had in the spare room at the time and pointed it at the door so that it would cover my bedroom door and a section of the hallway. I wished I’d had multiple cameras at this point so that I could capture more of the apartment at the same time; I just did the best with what I had.

As was usual practice by this point, I left all the doors – except the bathroom one – open. It had become a regular occurrence that the doors would be either open or closed when I returned, depending on how I’d left them. I locked up and left the flat with the camera running.

All the time that I was out, I couldn’t help but wonder what was happening. Would I catch anything on camera? Would something new happen?

When I returned later that night, the doors were all shut, so straight away, I knew that I’d caught something. I couldn’t wait to check the video. I went straight to the video camera – at this point, it was still recording as I’d only been out a few hours. I could have waited until the morning to review the tape, but I was eager to find out what had happened.

I pulled the memory card out of the camera, loaded it into my desktop and started to copy the files over, ready to review. While this was doing, I went to make a drink – I had a feeling it was going to be a long night. As I walked through the rest of the apartment, I marvelled at how everything felt “normal”. As I’ve said before, usually, when things had happened, the place felt different in some way. Maybe that feeling had been there but had disappeared by the time I got home.

Back at my desk, I started to review the video. While I watched, I had my headphones on with the volume whacked way up in case there were any sounds to be heard.

Nothing much happened for a while. After around twenty minutes of video, the door to the spare room started to move. It didn’t fully close; it was only a few inches and, after a few seconds, it moved backwards again. After this movement, the camera image broke up slightly. This was something that seemed to happen only when something strange was happening. The spare room door moved again, and there was a “breathy” noise. I didn’t have a chance to really register this noise at the time because seconds later, the door to my bedroom slammed shut, the noise making me nearly jump out of my seat.

I paused the video and sat for a few minutes, just taking in what I’d just seen. My bedroom door had just been caught slamming on video. This was big. I leaned back in my chair and looked at the door that was now open again after I had reopened it when I came back home. I slipped my headphones off and listened to the building; everything was quiet. It was around 10 pm, so I wasn’t expecting much noise, but it just seemed eerily quiet. I put my headphones back on and went back to the video.

I moved the video back and listened out for the “breathy” sound once again, and when I found it, I listened to it repeatedly, trying to figure out what it was. All I could come up with was that it was a single word – “No”.

I went back to the door slamming – turning the volume down so as to not deafen myself – I played it again. I found that right after the door slammed, and there was yet more distortion on the video for a few seconds. After another 15 seconds or so, the spare room once again moves. This time seemingly with more force as it almost closed, but it swings back on its hinges almost immediately.  After another few seconds of the door being open, it swings shut again, but this time catches and remains seated in the doorframe.

After this, I continued to watch and turned my volume back up. I was surprised to hear what sounded like footsteps shuffling on the carpet and some more breathing sounds. It was subtle even with the volume turned right up, but they were definitely there.

I felt like everything that had happened in this video was more proof of what was going on than I could have hoped for. I spent the next few days going through the video again and seeing if there was anything in there that I had missed before I edited it together (cut it down to a better size) before uploading it to the YouTube channel.

Below is the link for this video. Give it a watch yourself and tell me what you think. Can you hear or see anything that I might have missed? What do you think of what I caught that day?

Caught on Video (8/6/12)

The story will continue next Monday.

Ghostly Occurrences in Apartment 42: Part V

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After Mark had left in the morning – he couldn’t leave fast enough – I grabbed my video camera and set it up on my desk in the spare room where he had stayed the night. Then, after my amateur ghost hunting TV show introduction of asking whatever was in the apartment to make itself known, I set the camera down and left it running while I busied myself elsewhere.

After a few minutes of filming, I went for a shower. When I emerged from the bathroom, the door to the spare room was closed, and the camera caught it all. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that. As soon as I saw the door was closed, I grabbed the camera and copied the video file over to my laptop to watch it.

I was amazed to see that around 11 minutes into the video, the door appears to close by itself. It wasn’t just a slow close either it was as if someone had tried to slam it. The door also didn’t swing back on its hinges; it appeared to catch and stayed that way until I opened it when I came out of the bathroom. I would later notice that the camera breaks up just after the door closes, distorting the bottom of the screen. This will be something I’ll discuss soon as the more videos I film, the more a pattern to this emerges.

With this activity, I wanted to continue filming. So I set the camera back up in the spare room for the rest of the day, but nothing of note occurred for the remaining time I filmed.

Unlike other times when something strange had happened, there was no odd feeling when I got out of the shower and saw the door closed, and for the remainder of the day, everything just felt “normal”.

The next day I had several experiences. Later in the evening, I was sat in the lounge watching a movie. As I sat there, I felt a chill come over the room. It wasn’t a drop in temperature, more a feeling. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a dark shape in the far corner of the room. The form didn’t move, and it wasn’t discernible as a person, but I could feel someone/something watching me. The hairs on the back of my next stood on end. Slowly, so as not to make any sudden moves, I picked up my phone and started to film in the corner. There wasn’t much light in the room, and the camera wasn’t the best, so all I ended up with was a dark video with me saying I could see something stood in the corner. This wasn’t really admissible as evidence, so I deleted the video and went back to my movie. The shape remained in the corner for maybe 10-15 minutes before it just disappeared, and the room went back to feeling right again.

The remainder of the night passed without anything further happening, and I actually got a good nights sleep.

The next day, however, was full of strange occurrences. I spent the day playing something in the lounge – I know, big shock for me – but was constantly being interrupted by either knocking sounds or weird feelings. When I would go to check out the sound, it would seem to come from somewhere else. I looked into whether the noise could be coming from outside or another flat, but when I went out of the front door – of my flat, not the building – and the noise would stop, it would resume when I stepped back inside. I tried to discount noises coming from pipes, but as it moved around when I did, I couldn’t see it being that. I was running out of reasonable explanations for what I was experiencing. I tried to film on this day, but I couldn’t get my camera to work, and the phone video didn’t really pick anything up.

I spent some time later that day trying to get my video camera working, and I decided that I would record some more tomorrow, but I would do it whilst I was out of the building.

In the meantime, though, I thought it would be good to upload the videos I had with unexplainable things on them to YouTube. I created a channel, “Gax’s Ghost”, and uploaded the videos I had. I wanted to get them out there for others to watch and give their opinion on. Even though I was doing all I could to explain what was happening with normal reasons, I wanted others to weigh in on it and tell me what they thought.

The next day, I woke up, set up the video camera in the spare room once again, and went out. When I got back, I would get the fright of my life.

The video discussed in this blog can be found here.

The story will continue next week