Dead Space: The Most Terrifying Game Ever

Dead Space is a survival horror game that was released in October 2008 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

The game is set on a mining spaceship that is now infested by creatures known as Necromorphs. You take control of Isaac Clarke, an engineer that has to investigate what happened aboard the ship. He not only has to fight the aforementioned Necromorphs but also increasing psychosis. As you explore the ship, environmental noises and music, along with the darkness, serve to disorient you and draw you deeper into the horrific nature of the game. This game throws enemies at you that you can’t outright kill. Instead, you have to dismember their bodies one limb at a time until they stop coming at. When you’ve got multiple enemies coming at you, this serves to increase your anxiety to dangerous levels.

Back in 2008, when Dead Space came out, it was straight on my list. I couldn’t wait to get my teeth into it, but this wasn’t to last.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love horror games, but I’m a wuss when it comes to playing them. As much as I wanted to play this game, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I would dip in and out of it every so often, never able to spend much time playing as the anxiety it would induce was incredible. Time moved on, and I all but forgot about it. When the sequels came out, I wanted to play them, but I saw no point as I hadn’t finished the first one.

Over the years, I managed to collect all three games but still didn’t play them. Recently, however, I’ve been on a kick to finish games that have been on my to-play list for far too long. Many of these games are horror games such as Alien Isolation, Resident Evil VII, and Dead Space.

I was looking for a game to stream when I decided that it would be a good idea to do Dead Space, and I used this as motivation to finally get it finished.

As soon as I started the game again, I remembered why I had so much trouble playing it. To begin with; it’s terrifying.

I don’t know what exactly makes it one of the scariest games I’ve ever played, but I think it’s a combination of enemies that just keep on coming for you, the darkness of space, the near-constant background noise of things running around in the ship and the fact that I’m still a wuss.

After several weeks of streaming – doing a couple of hours at a time – I finally finished Dead Space this weekend, and now that I have, I’m so glad I decided to play it because it’s a fantastic game. Everything about it is so well done.

I’m going to give Dead Space a 9/10. The graphics and effect are excellent. The music and sound are top-notch, and the gameplay makes you want to keep coming back for more despite knowing that it’s not good for you.

Having now finished the first game, there is a part of me that wants to jump straight into the second, but there’s a bigger part of me that just isn’t ready for it just yet.

It has recently been announced that all three games in the series are getting a remaster for the new generation of consoles, and I feel like I really have to finish the original versions before the new ones come out. Will I actually do this? God knows. Will I try? Probably, but I don’t think Dead Space 2 will be the next game I stream. I think I need something a little tamer. But stay tuned.

You can find me streaming over on Twitch using the link below.

Isolated Gaming

Well, I’ve done it.

After nearly 5 years of it sitting on my ‘to play’ pile, I have finally finished Alien Isolation.

It took me a few days, a guide and a lot of hiding in cabinets bit I’ve done it and I feel better for having another game ticked off the list.

Alien Isolation was another game that I looked forward to coming out, and then when I did; I didn’t buy it straight away. Instead, I waited for a but then gave in to temptation. Annoyingly I only got a little bit in before the stress of being stalked by a Xenomorph got to me and I stopped playing.

It was a game that I really never envisioned me finishing, and I think it was only because I used a guide to point me in the right direction that I have. If I didn’t use it, I would still be hiding in a cabinet not wanting to come out for fear of being eaten.

Having now finished it though, I’m ready for a sequel.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve finished several horror games that have been on my list for ages; Outlast 1&2, Resident Evil VII, and now Alien Isolation. What a creepy few weeks it’s been, and it’s not even Halloween yet!

There are loads on my list that I want to finish, but the next ones for Horror are probably White Night, The Evil Within 1&2 and Soma. There are probably others, but those are the ones that come to mind.

Onward to more scares!

Getting There: Another Horror Game Post

I’ve not been able to move all that well today – pushed a little too far on our very short walk yesterday, so I’ve spent the day in bed blasting through Resident Evil VII.

When I left off yesterday morning I was up to the boss fight that caused me to stop playing last time, I hesitated again before doing it this time but I actually managed to kick his ass this time (after a few attempts.)

Since getting past that particular bit, I got through the rest of the game relatively easily and without too much swearing or jumping out of my skin. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish it tomorrow and have another game ticked off my ‘to play’ list.

As an entry in the Resident Evil, I found that it’s suitably creepy and it’s nice to have a departure from the usual Umbrella, zombies etc. (I never thought I’d say I was happy not to see zombies.) Of course, there are some similarities to other games like, for example, a giant blob with eyes that you have to shoot.

I’m glad I finally got round to playing it, and now that I have I wonder why I put it on the back burner for so long.

Once I’m done with this game in off onto something else I just need to figure out what. It’ll be another horror game as I’m gearing up for Halloween. As well as playing scary games we’ll also be watching scary films throughout the month.

Being that we were supposed to get married on Halloween and now we can’t due to the current situation we’re going to be spending the month leading up to it scaring the crap out of ourselves and then on Halloween hopefully getting drunk (as we would if we could get married.)

Help me pick which game to play next over on my Twitter.

Resident Aaaarghvil

Fresh from my completion of both Outlast 1 & 2, I decided to dive back into Resident Evil VII – I did give myself a little break after those, though, to finally finish Breath of the Wild
I bought RE7 with my PS4 VR kit and thought it would be a good laugh to be in the game and truly scare the crap out of myself – why did I think that was a good idea?
After initially setting the game up and only getting about ten minutes in, I realised that I was starting to get motion sickness – something about my vision moving, but my body not, seemed to confuse my brain and make it decide that the best course of action would be to feel sick.
I gave up with VR for this game and started playing it as a regular game, thinking this would make it so much easier to play – wrong.
I’ve mentioned before that I love horror, but horror games I find harder to play; Resident Evil VII was no different. Now, I bought, played, and finished the RE2 and 3 remasters without any issues; I just went straight through them. My problem comes when it’s a first person game, it makes me feel like whatever is happening to the character will happen to me. I creep around corners scared of what might pop up, I save often, and sometimes as is the case with several of these games, including RE7 and Outlast, I just stop playing them. Does anyone have this problem?
I find this very frustrating because I love playing games, and I want to finish anything that I have, but whenever I think it’s a good idea to play them, something in the back of my brain just says ‘Haha, nope. Why don’t you play a Lego game instead?’ Although now I’ve started playing through them and finished a couple of long waiting games, I’m determined to get through them even if it scares the Sh!t out of me.
On this current playthrough of RE7, I’m almost up to a boss battle where I checked out when I first played it. I stopped playing it there at the time because I just found it impossible – I’d used all my ammo up just getting to the location, so I had none left for the actual fight. This time though, I’m being a bit conservative with ammo and healing items, and I WILL get past this point and see what the rest of the game is like. I stopped playing this morning because I wanted to start doing some writing, and if I start trying to do the boss fight, I’m going to be there until I finally get it done, which may take a while. I’ll pick it back up tomorrow for my couple of hours of morning gaming, and hopefully, I’ll beat my own record and get past the f!cker.
Who knows, I might finish it in time for the release of the next installment.

A Weekend with Zelda

It’s been an interesting weekend so far.

I woke up on Friday night and started to feel ill. I spent the rest of the night being sick and not sleeping, woo!

Yesterday I felt rough as anything so I wanted to play Resident Evil VII, but I didn’t think my stomach could handle it, so instead, I spent the day playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I love Zelda games. One of my favourite and most played games is A Link to the Past on the SNES, so when BOTW was coming out, I was all over it.

For several reasons though despite getting it early on, and buying a Nintendo Switch mainly for it, I didn’t play it all that much.

First off my Switch was being a pain in the arse, I got so far into the game when it started to close ‘unexpectedly’. This was happening on everything I tried to play. I tried all sorts to get it to work and ended up having to send it off to Nintendo to get it fixed. It was back fairly quickly, but when I got it back I mainly played Pokemon Sword and when I finished that I kind of neglected the Switch. The few times when I tried Zelda again and pick up where I left my saved game, it would do the unexpected crash all the time.

We had the idea of creating a new profile on the Switch for me and begin again, which seemed to work. To test I deleted my saves from the original account restarted the game. Annoyingly it’s been fine.

I’ve blasted through BOTW over the past week or so and I’m now just mopping up bits and pieces before going to kick Ganon’s arse yet again – the guy just won’t take the hint that Link will always win…

One of the other reasons I couldn’t play it initially was that I just couldn’t get into it. I’ve played a ton of open-world games that are much bigger, but I just couldn’t get my head into it. There was just something about that my brain at the time couldn’t deal with, but now I’ve properly put some time into it, and I’m loving it.

I hope that the issues with my Switch are sorted, but even now I’m reluctant to buy any new games for it for fear that I won’t be able to play them, I guess I’ll just see how things go when playing the games I already have.

Over the past few weeks I’ve caught up a few games that have been on my to-play list for a while, and it feels good to finally play and finish things that I’ve had for years in some cases.

I will continue more next week, hopefully with RE7, before working on The Next Stage, of course.

Horror Games and Being a Wuss.

This weekend, to gear up for the Halloween season, I decided to traumatise myself by playing some of the many scary games that have been on my ‘to play’ list for a long time.

I started with Outlast.

If you’re not familiar with this one, it’s a first-person survival horror, and basically your wandering an asylum in the dark with only your camera. There are no combat controls, so you either have to hide or run.

I first started playing this in 2015 and just couldn’t go any further with it.

Even though I love horror in movies, books and games, I have a hard time getting through some games as they freak me the fuck out more than either of the other two. I reckon it’s something about being in control of the character and my fuck ups causing them to die horribly. Some horror games, like most of the Resident Evil games, I’m fine with (Other than VII, which ill come back to later.) Others, not so much.

With this in mind, I managed to plough through Outlast yesterday and finally finish it, and what a good game it is. I kind of wish I stuck with all those years ago.

Feeling cocky I started playing Outlast 2 next.

This was on PS Plus a few months ago, and it’s just sat there taunting me since then.

Outlast 2 is the same as the first in that you control a character with only a camera, you can’t fight back, and it’s creepy as hell. But you’re in a much more open area, so it doesn’t have the same claustrophobic feeling to it.

I’m only on chapter 2 at the minute, but I’m really enjoying it so far – overwhelming stress aside.

After I finish Outlast 2, I’ve got to pick one of the others on the pile.

Choices at the minute are The Evil Within (1&2), Alien Isolation and Resident Evil VII.

Both Alien Isolation and RE7 are games that I’ve started multiple times, but I’ve never got all that far into, I have to change this.

There are a few other titles that are on the list, but the above are ones that are high up on there, and that I’ve had the longest.

Wish me luck!