Resident Aaaarghvil

Fresh from my completion of both Outlast 1 & 2, I decided to dive back into Resident Evil VII – I did give myself a little break after those, though, to finally finish Breath of the Wild
I bought RE7 with my PS4 VR kit and thought it would be a good laugh to be in the game and truly scare the crap out of myself – why did I think that was a good idea?
After initially setting the game up and only getting about ten minutes in, I realised that I was starting to get motion sickness – something about my vision moving, but my body not, seemed to confuse my brain and make it decide that the best course of action would be to feel sick.
I gave up with VR for this game and started playing it as a regular game, thinking this would make it so much easier to play – wrong.
I’ve mentioned before that I love horror, but horror games I find harder to play; Resident Evil VII was no different. Now, I bought, played, and finished the RE2 and 3 remasters without any issues; I just went straight through them. My problem comes when it’s a first person game, it makes me feel like whatever is happening to the character will happen to me. I creep around corners scared of what might pop up, I save often, and sometimes as is the case with several of these games, including RE7 and Outlast, I just stop playing them. Does anyone have this problem?
I find this very frustrating because I love playing games, and I want to finish anything that I have, but whenever I think it’s a good idea to play them, something in the back of my brain just says ‘Haha, nope. Why don’t you play a Lego game instead?’ Although now I’ve started playing through them and finished a couple of long waiting games, I’m determined to get through them even if it scares the Sh!t out of me.
On this current playthrough of RE7, I’m almost up to a boss battle where I checked out when I first played it. I stopped playing it there at the time because I just found it impossible – I’d used all my ammo up just getting to the location, so I had none left for the actual fight. This time though, I’m being a bit conservative with ammo and healing items, and I WILL get past this point and see what the rest of the game is like. I stopped playing this morning because I wanted to start doing some writing, and if I start trying to do the boss fight, I’m going to be there until I finally get it done, which may take a while. I’ll pick it back up tomorrow for my couple of hours of morning gaming, and hopefully, I’ll beat my own record and get past the f!cker.
Who knows, I might finish it in time for the release of the next installment.

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