Getting There: Another Horror Game Post

I’ve not been able to move all that well today – pushed a little too far on our very short walk yesterday, so I’ve spent the day in bed blasting through Resident Evil VII.

When I left off yesterday morning I was up to the boss fight that caused me to stop playing last time, I hesitated again before doing it this time but I actually managed to kick his ass this time (after a few attempts.)

Since getting past that particular bit, I got through the rest of the game relatively easily and without too much swearing or jumping out of my skin. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish it tomorrow and have another game ticked off my ‘to play’ list.

As an entry in the Resident Evil, I found that it’s suitably creepy and it’s nice to have a departure from the usual Umbrella, zombies etc. (I never thought I’d say I was happy not to see zombies.) Of course, there are some similarities to other games like, for example, a giant blob with eyes that you have to shoot.

I’m glad I finally got round to playing it, and now that I have I wonder why I put it on the back burner for so long.

Once I’m done with this game in off onto something else I just need to figure out what. It’ll be another horror game as I’m gearing up for Halloween. As well as playing scary games we’ll also be watching scary films throughout the month.

Being that we were supposed to get married on Halloween and now we can’t due to the current situation we’re going to be spending the month leading up to it scaring the crap out of ourselves and then on Halloween hopefully getting drunk (as we would if we could get married.)

Help me pick which game to play next over on my Twitter.

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