Horror Games and Being a Wuss.

This weekend, to gear up for the Halloween season, I decided to traumatise myself by playing some of the many scary games that have been on my ‘to play’ list for a long time.

I started with Outlast.

If you’re not familiar with this one, it’s a first-person survival horror, and basically your wandering an asylum in the dark with only your camera. There are no combat controls, so you either have to hide or run.

I first started playing this in 2015 and just couldn’t go any further with it.

Even though I love horror in movies, books and games, I have a hard time getting through some games as they freak me the fuck out more than either of the other two. I reckon it’s something about being in control of the character and my fuck ups causing them to die horribly. Some horror games, like most of the Resident Evil games, I’m fine with (Other than VII, which ill come back to later.) Others, not so much.

With this in mind, I managed to plough through Outlast yesterday and finally finish it, and what a good game it is. I kind of wish I stuck with all those years ago.

Feeling cocky I started playing Outlast 2 next.

This was on PS Plus a few months ago, and it’s just sat there taunting me since then.

Outlast 2 is the same as the first in that you control a character with only a camera, you can’t fight back, and it’s creepy as hell. But you’re in a much more open area, so it doesn’t have the same claustrophobic feeling to it.

I’m only on chapter 2 at the minute, but I’m really enjoying it so far – overwhelming stress aside.

After I finish Outlast 2, I’ve got to pick one of the others on the pile.

Choices at the minute are The Evil Within (1&2), Alien Isolation and Resident Evil VII.

Both Alien Isolation and RE7 are games that I’ve started multiple times, but I’ve never got all that far into, I have to change this.

There are a few other titles that are on the list, but the above are ones that are high up on there, and that I’ve had the longest.

Wish me luck!

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