The Next Stage – A Work in Progress

I’m spending the day going through what will hopefully be my next book release, The Next Stage.

This is the story of an AI detective in Washington DC trying to solve a spate of murders committed by a mysterious group of AIs. It follows this main character through the city, his interactions with his own department, the city, and other AI. Unintentionally the story also touches on some racism themes that at the moment seem particularly apt.

I’ve been writing this since just before Creatures came out, and I finished writing the bare bones of the story around a year later. I stopped working on it for a while as I was going a bit crazy, staring at the same story for so long. I moved on to other story ideas and did some work on them. But right now, I feel the time is right to revisit The Next Stage and do some more work on it.

I’ve already fleshed out the story and done a couple of edits. Today I started from the beginning again and have been making some minor alterations to language as well as starting to work out some of the specific timings that the story needs.

The timings became an issue because as I was writing the story, I just wrote what came to my head. Now, when I read it back, it’s a little incoherent with the times of certain events. I’ve resorted to the good old-fashioned notepad and pen to make notes on what chapter needs to be at what time, and I’m hoping by the end of doing this, the story will flow in a better way, and it won’t be as disjointed.

At the moment, that’s about it for an update about writing. I’ll keep doing more of these updates, and maybe I can share some further information on The Next Stage the closer I get to finishing it, as well as other things I’m writing.

For now, here’s a draft of the image that may end on the cover of The Next Stage.

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