Isolated Gaming

Well, I’ve done it.

After nearly 5 years of it sitting on my ‘to play’ pile, I have finally finished Alien Isolation.

It took me a few days, a guide and a lot of hiding in cabinets bit I’ve done it and I feel better for having another game ticked off the list.

Alien Isolation was another game that I looked forward to coming out, and then when I did; I didn’t buy it straight away. Instead, I waited for a but then gave in to temptation. Annoyingly I only got a little bit in before the stress of being stalked by a Xenomorph got to me and I stopped playing.

It was a game that I really never envisioned me finishing, and I think it was only because I used a guide to point me in the right direction that I have. If I didn’t use it, I would still be hiding in a cabinet not wanting to come out for fear of being eaten.

Having now finished it though, I’m ready for a sequel.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve finished several horror games that have been on my list for ages; Outlast 1&2, Resident Evil VII, and now Alien Isolation. What a creepy few weeks it’s been, and it’s not even Halloween yet!

There are loads on my list that I want to finish, but the next ones for Horror are probably White Night, The Evil Within 1&2 and Soma. There are probably others, but those are the ones that come to mind.

Onward to more scares!

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