The Next Stage is Coming Soon

I’ve not only been playing games over the past few weeks, but I’ve also been working on my next book, which if you didn’t already know, is called The Next Stage.

I’ve been going over my fifth draft to iron any issues and tidy things up a bit, and now I’m happy enough with that I’m getting ready for release.

I ordered the proof copies the other day, and they should be here by the 15th October, which is good because I’m hoping for a release date of the 26th October (for reasons) so I’ll have a couple of weeks to double-check everything and make sure it’s all good.

I’ve made some changes to the cover art as what I was trying to do didn’t really work, so I’ve gone with a more simplistic cover hoping that when it’s printed, it will look better.

Once I’m happy with it all, I’ll give another update on the release (hopefully it won’t change from the 26th) and probably reveal the simplified cover art.

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