Awkward Trophies: Skyrim Edition

If you read my gaming blogs you’ll already know that I’m always up for a good trophy hunt, especially if some of those trophies are a but of a pain in the arse to get. I recently posted about some awkward trophies in the games Vampyr and Fallout 4.

Below are a selection of the more awkward trophies that are up for grabs in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Thief – Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets

Locks are easy enough, pockets on the other hand are not! Easiest way to get your pickpocket number is (bear in mind that only successful pickpockets count) by training your pickpocket level with the trainers dotted about. For pickpocket, the Expert trainer is Silda the Unseen, a homeless beggar who can be found wandering around outside of Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm. In addition to Silda, there is also Vipir the Fleet, a Master trainer who can be found frequenting The Ragged Flagon in Riftin. Training with them will grant you a higher skill level in pickpocket, therefore giving you a higher chance percentage for a successful pickpocket. Worth keeping in mind, training will get increasingly more expensive to complete the higher your skill level is, and you can only train 5 levels in one day.

Master criminal – Bounty of 1000 gold in all 9 holds

This is tricky because you have to have a bounty of 1000 gold in all 9 holds at the same time. The easiest way to do this is to cause chaos in all 9 holds one after the other. Something to note; once you’ve gotten the trophy, make sure that your inventory is clear of all stolen items before you go to clear each bounty, otherwise you’ll end up losing them when you go to jail/pay off the bounty.

Golden Touch – Have 100,000 gold

This is a slog. If you like smithing, having a high level of this skill will make obtaining this trophy so much easier for you as armour and weapons (especially the dragonbone/scale and daedric sets) sell for a ridiculous amount of septims. It’s also worth noting that enchanted armour and weapons, and armour and weapons that have been “improved” further, e.g Exquisite, Epic, and Legendary, sell for more than your bog-standard forged armour and weapons. The higher your smithing skill level also dictates the amount that you can improve items, so smithing isn’t a bad skill to try and obtain Skill Master with (more about that particular trophy below).

Delver – Clear 50 dungeons

You clear a fair few just progressing through the game, but this will take some wandering around and clearing whatever you’ve missed. The map is useful here as it will come up with “cleared” next to any locations that you’ve been through.

Skill Master – Get a skill to 100

Unsurprisingly this is a slog, as mentioned above, you can kill two birds with one stone and work on Golden Touch and Skill Master in tandem.

Explorer – Discover 100 locations

If you don’t naturally wander around and explore while playing games this will be a slog. Not so bad if you spend some time walking from place to place, exploring as you go. I mean, come on, it’s Skyrim, it’s practically made to be explored!

Reader – Read 50 skill books

Once again, the theme of a Skyrim trophy is slogging away. Read (i.e open) all books you come across, especially if the value of the book is high. That’s generally a good indicator that it’s a skill book and will cause you to level up, as well as contributing to this trophy.

Oblivion Walker – Collect 15 Daedric Artifacts

This involves completing ALL of the Daedric quests. Most you can trigger just from playing the game but a couple start in strange and unexpected places, such as “A Night to Remember” which starts with the dragonborn (you) entering into a drinking contest with Sam Guevenne. Guevenne will spawn in the tavern of the town closest to you upon reaching level 14. If you’ve played through Skyrim before but largely ignored the Daedric quests it’s worth another playthrough just to complete them all. The vast majority are completely batshit, and the artifacts that you receive at the end of each quest are bizarre but, in the most part, really useful.

Master – Reach level 50

Last but by no means least; Master. This is yet another slog, but luckily you get a lot of it done just by completing the main quest lines and mopping up a few miscellaneous objectives along the way. A super sneaky (not so) secret way to make obtaining this trophy easier is by completing the above mentioned Skill Master, and then proceeding to make that skill “legendary”. This will allow you to retrieve the skill points that you invested into that given skill, as well as allowing you to level it back up, gaining additional xp as you go along.

And there you have it. If you can unlock these trophies you should be well on your way to the elusive platinum (or 100%, whatever).

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