An Instagram Battle

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that we’re currently in the middle of a house move. We’ve recently bought a new build home, and we’re now waiting for the final bits to be done before we move in.

What I haven’t mentioned – well, I don’t think I have anyway – is that one of our new neighbours will be Alex’s sister and her other half. It’s not often when you move somewhere that you know who you are moving next to, especially not when it’s family.

We’re all due to move into our homes around the same time – which is April. So, very soon.

Over the past few months, we’ve all been sharing what we’ve been buying for our new homes and ideas for how we’re going to decorate them.

This leads me to the reason for the title of this blog – Instagram.

The other day Alex found several accounts on Instagram for our property developer and those who moved into their estates. These show how they have designed it and how they have changed things within. Looking at these accounts gave us a few ideas as to what we could do with ours, and we also thought it would be fun to set up our own and post updates of our house.

We’ll be using the account to show how the build is going and any ideas for how we may customise the house to our taste. When we move in, we’ll be posting updates on how we’re decorating it, how the rooms will be laid out/designed and something that we can’t wait to start work on – the garden.

Now to the battle part.

We set up this account a few days ago, and now Alex’s sister and her partner have also set one up. We’ve decided to make it interesting and have a bit of a competition as to who can get more followers, likes etc.

Both Alex and I are Instagram noobs. We haven’t really used it all that much and don’t have much of an idea what we’re doing on there, whereas the other two do.

We want to make our account the more popular one just to show that us noobs can do it.

So, if you’re on Instagram and want to follow us on our journey with our new home, you can find us at

As we’re hoping to move in in April (Jesus, that’s this month!), things will start to hot up over there, so we’ll be posting regularly.

We’ll see you over there.

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