Writing and Learning

More editing. I’ve so far gone through the first third or so of the proof of The Next Stage. I’d say it’s going reasonably well so far. I’ve come across a number of things that I’d missed when going through the various other edits I’ve done. There’s definitely something about having it physically in my hands that helps me find errors or things that need to be tweaked.

I’m doing more edits with The Next Stage than I did with Creatures. Creatures was my first attempt at writing a story that I wanted to try to publish, and saying that, I hadn’t written anything since school, really.

Together Alex and I must have gone through Creatures at least ten times, yet we still missed some things. Things that people are more than willing to point out in reviews. I self publish and haven’t got the money to spend on getting anything I do professionally edited, so it relies on a few people going through it and hopefully picking things up.

Having done Creatures gave me more confidence in what I’m doing and a little more knowledge of how to go about things. So I’m hoping that The Next Stage will be a superior book in every sense of the word. There may still be issues, but I’m not going to beat myself up about them. It’s all just a learning experience for me, and I can’t be expected to get everything right straight off the bat.

The more I write, the more I learn. But I also learn from reading. I’ve not really read anything for a while, I started the year so well by reading quite a few books, but after one thing or another, I’ve not picked anything up for a while. So it’s been the former I’ve been relying on recently.

Writing for me, now I’m doing it more regularly, also helps me with those days where things get on top of me, or the depression side is creeping back in. Focusing on something creative and escaping to a new world of my creation helps me get my mind away from the dark feelings and into something else. After a few hours of writing, I’m usually in a better place, mental health wise.

Once I’m done editing The Next Stage, I will continue working on one of my other works in progress. I did a quick poll on Twitter the other day, and more people wanted me to work on something else in the sci-fi realm. I’ve got at least 2 stories that fit this bill, so I hope to expand on those. If I don’t feel either of those is coming together, I’ll work on others. I’ve already had quite a few new ideas for my Dreams (title not fixed) story, which is a mix of sci-fi and horror. More updates will come about that when The Next Stage is out.

I’d also like to thank everyone who has so far read, liked, and commented on this blog. When I started it, I had no idea what I was going to write on a regular basis but I find things just come to me, and the fact that people like it just make me want to do more. So thank you, and I hope you continue to like my little rambles.

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