A New (Short) Story Coming Soon

I’ve been writing for just over four years now, and so far, I haven’t written any kind of short story, well, until now, that is.

The other week I had an idea for a story, and it was one of those where I just had to get it down to get it out of my head. I knew going in that it probably wasn’t going to be a novel, but I still didn’t know how long it was going to be. Over the weekend, I finished the story, and at the end of the first draft, it comes out at just over 9000 words. I’m pleased with where it is at the minute, but there are definitely bits that need tweaking or adding in the next couple of drafts.

As much as I wanted to purely work on Creatures 3, having this break to work on something new feels like it’s been a good thing for me. I was starting to get blind to the story in the next Creatures book, so this idea came at an opportune time. As much as I want to get the next book out there, I also don’t want to rush it, and it be less than it could be. I’m going to work on this short story, which is titled The Tasks, until I release it and then go back to Creatures 3.

When I’m a bit closer to releasing The Task, I will reveal more about it, like the synopsis and cover, so for now, I’ll leave you in the dark a little bit, but I will say that the story is a little bit Portal and a little bit Squid Game.

I’m currently working on the second draft, but I’m hoping that it being a short story will mean that I will go through the drafts quicker. I don’t really know; I’ve not done this before.

As far as my other books go, it was a great month last month for sales and Kindle Unlimited pages read. I think that putting them all back onto KU was the best decision for me as more people now seem to be reading them.

For now, though, I will get back to it. Have a good week all.

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