Back to School Is Out In the World

The second book in the Creatures series, Back to School, was released on Saturday (well, the digital version anyway, the paperback has been out a few days longer), and it was the most successful launch of any book I have published so far and combined with the pre-orders it meant that over the weekend I have sold more books in two days than I have over the last several months. No reviews have come in for it yet, but I hope those who have bought a copy enjoy it. As well as selling new books, I also gave away quite a few copies of Creatures for free. I figured, as seen as BtS is a sequel, it would be good to let people catch up on the story for no extra cost. As rough as Creatures was, it was still quite well received, and in my humble opinion, BtS blows the first book out of the water. From reading it myself after re-reading Creatures, I can see how far my writing has come over the four-year gap between releases.

Now that Back to School is out in the world, it’s time to think about what I will work on next. In some ways, this is a no-brainer as BtS leads directly into the next book in the series. I have already begun writing the third book, which at the moment is titled Into the Badlands; when you read BtS, you’ll know why. This book will be a bit different to the others at it will be set in a more open world and not so much in a small town or settlement. At the time of writing the second book in the series, I considered combing both books, but I felt like it would benefit from being two separate ones, so I already have plenty of ideas that I want to include in ItB.

As well as working on this new manuscript, I will be continuing to post blogs, reviews, etc., and trying to get back into streaming. We recently got a new gaming PC (the old one died during our house move for some reason), so I’m hoping to not only stream from my PlayStation and Xbox as I have in the past but also from our PC. I already have a few games on my radar that I want to stream, but if anyone reading this has any suggestions of ones that they’d like to see me play or review, then go ahead and suggest them in the comments.

For those interested, I’ve got a review of the new game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, coming on Wednesday, so keep an eye out for that being put up.

For now, though, it’s the start of another week and time to get back to work on my new manuscript. Have a good week all.

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