Sleepless in Wigan

Well it’s another Monday, so it’s another start of uni week. I’m going into this week a little behind on sleep.

In my post on Friday, I talked about how we would be picking up the new member of our family – an 8 week old German Shepherd – on Saturday. Well, Saturday came and we’ve had our new pup for a couple of days. The good news is that she seems to be settling into her new home really well, the bad news comes at night.

We’ve spent the past couple of nights downstairs with the little bean, so if she needs to go out, we can get her out – all part of her training. This is all very well in practice until it comes to 2 am and she anta to go out. It’s not that’s the issue, but that she gets her giddy head-on when she comes back in, so we have to spends some time tiring her out again with playtime.

But like I said, she’s doing really well and even responded to her name (Athena) at one point last night. She’s a good girl when she’s not attacking feet, ankles or the bottom of trousers.

She’s had loads of visitors over the past couple of days, and everyone loves her, and she’s quite happy to be fussed by anyone.

Today is the first day I’m going out, and although I know that she will be fine with Alex, I’m still going to miss the little nutter.

Here are a few of the probably many photos we’ve taken so far.

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