My University Journey

If you’ve read some of my previous blog posts, you’ll know that I’m starting university in September. I’ll be off to The University of Salford to study a creative writing course, and I honestly can’t wait. Although a part of me is quite nervous.

I applied for my course back in December 2020 as I had left my job earlier in the year and got a little disillusioned with working in IT. I needed a change, and as I had found something I loved – writing –  I wanted to do something that would help me further my skills and perhaps stand me in good stead for a future job role. I was tentative to apply because I’d obviously already had my A-Level results, and they weren’t the best. I was worried that the length of time between now and college was too long, too.

It was an easy process to go through, and although I didn’t have to wait until my results came in, I still had to wait to find out if I had a place or not. I had a pretty decent personal statement that I tried my best to sell myself with, though, and I hoped that this would be enough.

The waiting for the application deadline and the university’s response was unbearable. I just had this feeling that my poor results and age would go against me.

The deadline for a response from the uni was May, and just before it was up, I got a conditional offer. This offer was based on me proving what grades I got at A-level. Now came the fun part; finding the evidence. I knew that I had them with my ROA (Record of Achievement), but as we’d just moved house, I had no idea where that was. After a bit of digging, though, we found it, and I sent it over. Although that was the only thing I had been asked to do, I still had a feeling that it was going to go wrong in some way. So, when an unconditional offer came through just a few days later, I was over the moon. I’d done it; I’d got into uni.

There wasn’t much for me to do in the following few months other than sort out my student finance and wait to start. But as time passed, I began to get more and more anxious about going. As much as I was looking forward to it, there was always that small part of my brain telling me that they’d realise their mistake soon and I won’t be able to go after all.

Thankfully, that time hasn’t come, and I’ve recently registered properly for my course and have received my student card through. I now feel like I can relax and stop thinking that they’ll rescind their offer, but now I’m just really anxious to start.

It’s only a matter of weeks until I start, and I’m trying to get myself prepared. I’m going to spend my time putting together blogs that I can schedule and reading up on my modules and whatnot for the course.

For the first time in a long time, I’m looking forward to my future (work-wise), and I can’t wait to get going.

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