Taking a Mental Health Day

Today I’m taking a day off to recharge. The past couple of weeks have been stressful, not least because one side of our family has been diagnosed with Covid. This has left me and Alex being the ones that they call on to deliver food and other things to help them pass the time during their isolation. This whole thing has been a stressful affair, and that was without personally knowing anyone who had tested positive, but now that four people have in the past couple of weeks, it makes everything hit closer to home. I started writing several other blog posts, which I was unable to finish due to my mind being elsewhere, so I figured it was time to take a break away from things. Normal service will be resumed on Monday, but that’s it for today. P.S. Both of my books are discounted over on Amazon for a limited time: 1608226382.jpg Creatures – 99p 1606751693.png The Next Stage – £1.99

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