The Evil Without & Book Update

The latest horror game that my Twitter followers voted for me to play was The Evil Within. Unfortunately, for some reason, I can’t get the damn thing to work. I was getting very frustrated with it so I decided to start the next on the list which was White Night.

I started playing White Night back in 2015, and I only got a little bit into chapter 2. As with most of the horror games, I just didn’t have the nerves for it, and because you spend a lot of time in the dark or trying to find matches and light switches to scare away the apparitions, I just couldn’t get all that far in.

This time, however, I’m actually getting into it. I love the art style of it. It’s mostly in black and white the only light you tend to get it from matches, candles, or the odd electric light. If you stray too far into the darkness of the house, the apparitions will get you; these are just terrifying in the way they move about. Sometimes you can use an electric light to ‘kill’ them to allow you access to other areas and collectibles, but you’re generally running around with a match, and God help you if you run out of matches, if you do, you’re pretty screwed.

I’ll keep playing this until I finish it, and then I’ll give The Evil Within another try. I just hope I can get it to work because I’m on a roll with horror games at the minute and want to get as many played as I can before my brain says nope again.

In between playing, I’m still working on The Next Stage. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve now received my proof paperback copies, so I’m currently just going through it to make some minor formatting alterations before I release it.

I’m really pleased with how this book has turned out, and I now feel like the last 2 years of working on it have been entirely worth it. I hope that when it releases, readers enjoy following Kell through Washington and can immerse themselves in the world that I’ve created around the characters.

The release is still set for 26th October, and once I’ve done with the tweaks I’m working on, I’m going to make the Kindle version available for pre-order, and the paperback will follow not long after.

When it’s up, I’ll post another update on how to find it, so keep an eye out.

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