Trophies: Yay or Nay?

To platinum, or not to platinum. That is the question – well, it’s not really it’s just a nice intro to a blog about trophy hunting. For ease of typing I’m going to generalise and call them all trophies. Don’t come at me saying the Xbox doesn’t have trophies, because we all know they’re the same thing.

Trophies have been around for a while now, whether you play Playstation, Xbox, Steam or even mobile games. You can choose to ignore them, collect them through general play and then forget about them, or specifically spend your time hunting for them.

I asked my followers on Twitter what their thoughts on trophies were;

Through my time gaming since they’ve been about, I’ve done pretty much all of them. Some games I play through just to get through them, others I will spend a bit more time going through and doing the extra quests or missions, and some I play to death and try to get the elusive ultra rare trophies.

For me, there’s a time and a place for trophy hunting. There are some games I just wanted to finish, ones I’m not really inclined to play any further past the last mission. But then there are some where having trophies adds that little bit of extra playability.

I don’t generally go into a game looking at what trophies it has, or how easy/difficult they may be. Some games I would play again regardless, so having the extra trophies to get is a great way to enjoy more of the game that you may not generally have seen the first time round.

I have some platinum trophies that were easy – like the ones from the Tell Tale games – but I also have some that were harder to get and required a slog – Skyrim, Death Stranding and 2064: Read Only Memories.

Of course, some games are easier to get all the trophies are than others. I’ve seen people looked down on because the only platinum or 100% games they had were the ones that were fairly easy to get through a single playthrough. This makes no sense to me. What people choose to get or not get is completely up to them, and shaming them saying that their achievements are just easy is a bit pointless and just seems like you’re being a bit of a dickhead.

Having said this though, for a long time I would compare my Gamerscore/trophy count with other people and try to beat them. It became a bit of an obsession of mine, constantly playing the same games over and over again until I got the rarer trophies, just so that I could be higher than people I’d never even met. Eventually I realised that this was a bit silly, and slowly started to not worry about it so much. Trophies are a nice thing to get, but it shouldn’t be the reason why I play games. I was there to enjoy myself and being that competitive made it far less enjoyable. But as I said above, I still like to get some rare trophies, but if I’m not having fun then what’s the point?

Myself and Alex do compete a little bit, but we also help each other to get some trophies. Some games I’m better at than her and some she’s better at than me – damn you Spyro! It’s a fun thing for us to do together in games that ordinarily may only be single player.

I don’t know if it says something about the quality of today’s games, if the only reason you go back and play them is to get trophies. I go back to many old games that I played growing up before trophies in games were even a thing. They don’t lose anything because they lack this element but I can understand why some people don’t like to go back and play these types of games, after all what are they getting out of it?

I see this kind of thought process going on with consoles like the Nintendo Switch. You can play through a game but you don’t have anything to show for it so it’s like you didn’t play it…right? I mean, what’s the point in playing something if you can say, “Hey, look at these trophies I got while playing this game. I told you I played it, here’s the proof.” I find this mentality odd. I play games for me. Not so I can show people I’ve never met what games I’ve been playing. Yes, I talk about what I’m playing, but in the end, I’m playing it because I enjoy it. If the game happens to have a trophy that shows I completed a certain bit in a certain way then that’s just something for me.

How do you view trophies? Do you spend your time getting them or just get what you get and not bother with the others? I’d find it interesting to see what other people do.

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