Moving House: A Stressful Time

Moving house has often been said to be one of the most stressful things that a person can do in their lifetime. But, when most days are stressful due to a mental health condition, moving house because even more challenging and can almost break you.

Alex and I have been going through the process of buying a new build property for the past several months – yes, we decided to make a stressful thing even worse by doing it during a pandemic. But we were at the point where we were getting fed up with pissing our money up the wall while renting.

The moving itself isn’t the thing that we find stressful it’s everything else that comes with it. It’s the solicitors and mortgage brokers that just seem to make everything that little bit more complicated. I swear they use words that even they don’t understand just to be difficult. It’s tough to deal with these things, but when you’re having a day where you’re fighting against your brain just to get through the day in one piece, receiving emails and phone calls from people saying things you don’t understand only compounds the issues and make you question whether it’s all worth it.

Thankfully, we’re coming to the end of the nonsense now. We have exchanged contracts on our new build home, and we’re now just waiting for the interior to be finished. We’re hoping to be in there in the next couple of months, and honestly, we can’t wait.

I’ve rented since I moved out at 23, and I thought that always would. The house that we’re currently in is the first house I’ve rented, the other rentals were flats, and despite renting this house, it’s the first place I’ve truly felt at home, and I think that feeling will only intensify when we moved into a house that we actually own.

I’d be lying if I said that having a mortgage over us wasn’t a scary prospect. It puts an extra layer of pressure on our already fragile minds, but it’s something we want to do, so we’re focusing on getting in there and all the things we can do when we move in.

With the rental we’re in, we’ve not really been able to do a lot of personalising because when we decide to leave, we have to return it to pretty much the state it was when we moved in. This has meant not being able to put shelves up and instead having bulky bookcases in rooms where we might not have done, having a garden that we can’t do anything with. When we move, we plan to grow a lot of things in it and even have a greenhouse. Not being able to plant anything in our current garden has limited us as to what we can grow in pots. I never thought I’d be bothered about a garden, but recently I’ve started to really look forward to growing all sorts of fruit and veg so we can be a little bit more self sustained.

To keep ourselves busy and our minds off the interminable wait, we’ve been going through all of our stuff and either packing up what we won’t need until we move or just outright getting rid of things. It’s incredible how stuff builds up. When we were moving into our current house, we got rid of a load of stuff from the flat, but over time things just build up again…mainly mugs, for some reason.

The other thing we’ve been doing is planning how our rooms are going to be; I’ve especially been thinking about this because I want to be able to set up my games room and all my consoles – retro and new – in a space similar to how I had it here. I’ve got them all packed away at the minute, but I can’t wait to get them out and use them again. 

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. In some ways, this is good because we know we’ll be in there soon. But there’s also that impatient part of our heads that wants to be in there now. We’re just lucky that the pandemic hasn’t caused any real delays in the building of our new home. We’ve been keeping everything crossed that everything goes according to plan. We’ve even been driving by every couple of weeks to do our own little drive-by check on the construction progress. It’s just a shame that now that it’s the interior being done, and we can’t really see how it’s going, but we do get regular calls from the developer to update us, so at least that’s something.


I look forward to sharing some images of our new home when we move in. I’m sure many projects will spawn and I will probably end up telling you about them here. So stay tuned.

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