The Obligatory First Post

So, here we are, another blog and another obligatory first post. If you’re here then hopefully you’re already interested in what I have to say.

In these blogs, I will be posting as regularly as I can about many things. The main thing this blog is here for is to give updates on my writing. Maybe some previews here and there of what I’m working. I’d also like to connect with the writing community – other writers, readers and reviewers. I’m still at the beginning of my writing career so I have a lot to learn and although I feel like I’m doing okay, there is always room for some improvement and I’m hoping that this blog will help me find my way.

I’ll also be posting about other passions I like to do in my spare time, most notably games. I’m an avid gamer and I enjoy talking about games, so they will probably be a reasonably good part of this blog.

The third reason I’m doing this blog is for mental health. I have bipolar disorder and have been diagnosed for many years. I currently take medication daily to maintain some sort of ‘stable’ living, although I still sometimes have big ups and downs. Bipolar has been a big part of my life for a long time and sometimes being able to talk about how I feel helps me get through the hard times, although sometimes it’s harder to actually talk about it maybe typing it here will help. I’m also here to show that being diagnosed with a mental health issue isn’t something that should define you, and if anyone needs advice or just to know that somewhere someone knows what they’re going through, then I will be here.

So as it goes that pretty much sums up what this blog is about. I hope that I can bring a little something more to your day. Be sure to subscribe below for updates.

See you soon,


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