Batman: Arkham VR (Review)

Batman: Arkham VR is a virtual reality adventure game that was release in October 2016 for PlayStation 4 and later in April 2017 for PC and the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Valve Index VR headsets.

The game takes place between the games Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight and follows Batman as he investigates the disappearance of Nightwing and Robin. It’s set in a first-person perspective as you use Batman’s skills and gadgets to solve puzzles.

I was a little indecisive about whether I should buy a VR headset or not but when I saw a bundle with this game and Resident Evil VII I had to get one and give them a go.

As soon as you start the game, even though it’s just a menu, it looks amazing. You’re stood on the edge of a high building in Gotham City and you really feel like you’re there. For someone like me who has a fear of heights it’s a little disconcerting but the lure of the game was too great for me to tap out this early.

The game starts off in Wayne Manor where you learn of the disappearance of Nightwing and Robin upon which you enter the Batcave. In a word, this is amazing. You really feel like you’re down in a cave underground (although you don’t feel the damp.) While here there’s a number of things that you can do before you continue with the story. You can practice your Batarang throwing, check out some character models and get up close and personal with the Batmobile.

When you go out into the streets of Gotham you use some of Batman’s other gadgets to solve a number of puzzles that lead you to find out what happened to your companions. This investigation takes you from the streets and alleyways of Gotham to a morgue, the city’s sewers and Arkham Asylum – it’s not a Batman game without a visit there.

As you’re seeing things through the eyes of Batman, you can feel all too well the peril that he faces and when you get a visit from Killer Croc your heart will jump into your mouth.

This was the first VR game I played and it did a lot to show me what the headset can do. There is no walking around in this game, you move by pressing one of the buttons on the move controller, this alleviates the motion sickness that I’ve since felt with other VR games – Skyrim VR I’m looking at you!

It’s not a huge game as it just serves as bridge between the two main console games, but there is enough in it to keep you busy for a few hours at least and if you want to hunt for the trophies and truly explore you’ll definitely have a few extra hours on top of the playthrough.

The graphics are amazing and as I said earlier it makes you feel like you’re really standing in Gotham and seeing the world through Batman’s eyes.

If you’ve not played any VR games, Batman Arkham VR is a good introduction to it and does a really good job at showing you what VR can be like.

I’ve dipped in and out of this game since I got it, and each time I marvel (or is it DC) at it.

I’m going to give this game an 8/10. It’s much shorter than the other games in the series, but for it’s use of VR it is a well deserved score. I would definitely recommend it.